14 Healthy Recipe Blogs To Bookmark Now

Blogs are like baseball cards or Beanie Babies…which ones do you have in your collection? Some people love wedding and decor blogs while other people obsess over street style snaps on the internets. Personally, I love a good recipe blog. I am always inspired by how others use healthy wholesome ingredients to create divine masterpieces that melt in our mouths. And the photos! It’s all about the mouthwatering photos.

My top recipe blogs are below. Many of them focus on healthy recipes and whole foods. Please note that many of these blogs below focus on vegan recipes, as I believe incorporating more vegetable based meals into your diet increases your overall vitality—I’ve marked these with a star. However, keep in mind you do not need to be vegan to eat vegan, and the recipes can always be modified. And almost all of the sites listed below have wonderful gluten-free and raw recipes available.
Please comment and share yours as there are so many great ones out there, and who isn’t looking to add to their blog collections? What are your favorites? Which ones did I miss? There are so many amazing blogs to eat from…
  • The best healthy food blogs to bookmark now...


    Shameless plug for my very own gluten-free, vegan recipe blog. Now on to the other top bloggers who I am inspired by...

    Check out Kale With Love!


    The Healthy Dessert Blog. This adorable girl is a food genius! I want to be her and eat all of her creations! Think Homemade Frozen Yogurt, Chocolate Protein Milkshakes, Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal, and 100 Calorie Brownies (for when you want to eat a whole pan of brownies). Katie - I love you! And readers - I guarantee you will, too.

    Check out Chocolate Covered Katie!


    Blog owner Angela shares her previous food issues that so many women can relate to. She has turned her life around, and shares her triumphs along with her recipe creativity! Her 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta is to die for. Also check out her Triple Almond Cherry Crumble Squares!

    Check out Oh She Glows!


    Not only does Lauren at The Holy Kale share recipes along the lines of Raw Coconut Almond Yogurt and Animal Style Fries, but she also addresses controversial health questions around women's health such as birth control and weight loss. This is truly a beautiful site with so many helpful resources!

    Check out The Holy Kale!


    Kathy Palatsky, (who is also a contributor to The Chalkboard), is a culinary expert. From Fake Out Mac and Cheese to Pumpkin Pecan Cinnamon Rolls with Ginger Cream Cheese Glaze, need I say more?

    Check out Happy Healthy Life!


    Though not everything on this blog is allergen-friendly, there’s a robust gluten-free sectionand tasty takes on the classics like a broccoli pesto we’re dying to try!

    Check out Smitten Kitchen!

  • Sprouted Kitchen

    This website definitely lives up to it’s tagline, “a tastier take on whole foods.” We love the hearty recipes, travel guides, and interesting ingredients.

    Check out Sprouted Kitchen!

  • Tastespotting

    For those of us whose eyes are as big as our stomachs, this is the ultimate online food destination. Beautiful photos lead to recipes, which, hopefully, will lead to delicious meals in your own home. Be sure to check out the raw, gluten-free, and vegan recipes!

    Check out Tastespotting!

  • 101 Cookbooks

    Almost every ace home cook we know sings the praises of this website. With incredible photos, a ton of variety, and the author is dedicated to using whole, natural foods.

    Check out 101 Cookbooks!

  • Kitchen Matters

    Full disclosure: Pamela Salzman, the genius behind Kitchen Matters, is a contributor to The Chalkboard. Here’s why: rarely a week that goes by where we don’t cook at least a handful of her tasty, healthy, and easy-to-follow recipes. Most of her meals are vegetable-driven and are often family-friendly. A must-bookmark blog!

    Check out Kitchen Matters!

  • Food 52

    A wonderful sourcebook on various techniques, ingredients and recipes including a hotline for those kitchen emergency moments. A priceless resource for cooks of all levels and all dietary restrictions.

    Check out Food52!

  • Roost

    This is hands-down one of the most stunningly photographed sites we’ve ever seen plus they offer a delicious list of recipes that are dairy/grain/gluten free. With inspiring entertaining ideas as well as lovely videos to go along with the inspirational recipes, we highly recommend Roost.

    Check out Roost!

  • Canal House Cooking

    Canal House Cooking is the sine qua non of cooking resources. Beautifully styled, photographed and styled, Canal House is the brainchild of Saveur founder Christopher Hirscheimer and Melissa Hamilton. With a focus on seasonal ingredients and simple, pared-down preparation, each recipe is a revelation in flavor. Don't forget to pick up their brand-new cookbook.

    Check out Canal House Cooking!

  • The Kitchn

    From the basics to complicated how-tos, we love how this handsomely designed site makes cooking nourishing meals easy and appetizing.

    Check out The Kitchn!

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