Smell Better: 6 Essential Oils to Diffuse for Every Mood

You know those days when you need a little extra support? Maybe you’re feeling tired… or upset… or anxious… Well, there’s probably an app for that, but before you use up valuable space on your smart phone, consider something a little less high-tech. Essential oil diffusion therapy.

Certified master aromatherapist Rose Heart (yep, that’s her name) has been working with essential oils for over a decade – supplying fancy schmancy holistic spas and resorts and om-tastic yoga studios too. From her experience with clients and designing her own line of 100% pure custom blends called Organic Infusions, she’s got the specific benefits of essential oils dialed.

Here’s Rose’s list of the best essential oils to support your every mood… (And hey, your “therapy” will make your space smell amazing too.)

P.S. We know you’ll all be asking: the beautiful oil diffuser pictures above is by Puzhen and can be found here!


Frankincense with its sweet woody aroma, grounds our body in the earth to remind us of our life’s purpose, while also activating the spiritual center of our soul wherein the stillness of the moment brings calm to the movement of what is the next step on our journey. Anxiety is replaced with a sense of purpose, enlightened by peace, calm and trust.


Neroli with its spicy, floral aroma brings a sense of calm to the mind, while gently releasing the fight or flight response in the body caused by fear, stress and even trauma. Put a few drops on a tissue and stuff into the top part of your pillow to bring forth a soothing night’s sleep.


Lavender with its soft herbaceous floral aroma is considered a gift from the angels because it is the favorite go-to oil for just about everything. Put some in the diffuser in a house where arguments arise to bring a sense of calm to all members of the family so each person can remember that it is through the light of love and respect for self and each other that solutions are found.


Rose otto with its green, floral aroma is known as the oil of the heart. Rose brings comfort during the grieving process by keeping the heart open, activating the connection to our soul so that we may feel a sense of peace during the grieving process.


Rosemary with its spicy herbaceous aroma is known to activate the memory center in the brain, while also clearing away blockages in the body. It is the favorite go-to oil for students studying at night and especially while taking a test. It is also the go-to oil when driving long distances at night to keep the senses alert and focused.


Pink grapefruit with its bright citrus aroma and a backnote of floral activates positive feelings of peace and self love while also clearing away any blockages in the lymphatic system, thereby removing lethargy.

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