5 Tips to Get Vacation Ready This Summer: Juice Cleanse, Sunscreen, What to Pack + More

Welcome to the most anticipated season of the year – summer! It’s time to pull out your sun hats, slip into those flip-flops, and get ready for a glowing adventure in the sun. Whether you’re about to jet off to an exotic beach, saying ‘I do’ in a picturesque locale, or are planning the ultimate staycation, it’s the perfect time to revamp your wellness routine in your summer vacation. Get ready to bask in the warmth of the sun with a sprinkle of self-love and rejuvenation. Here are five fabulous tips that will have you feeling and looking your absolute best for your upcoming vacay.

summer vacation Tip 1: The 7-Day Vacation Prep Pack from Pressed Juicery
Jumpstart your vacation prep with the 7-Day Vacation Prep Pack from Pressed Juicery. This curated set is designed to shower your body with vitamins and nutrients, ensuring you step onto the plane – or into your summer attire – with a vibrant inner glow. Think of it as a liquid passport to wellness, perfectly complementing your sunny escapades.

Tip 2: Sunshine-Ready Skincare

To flaunt that flawless vacation skin, rev up your skincare game with a routine that’s rich in SPF and antioxidants. A happy skin barrier means a radiant you, so lather on that broad-spectrum sunscreen, pamper yourself with a weekly exfoliation, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your dewy skin will thank you in every selfie. Check out our list of favorite sunscreens here.

spring sunscreen spf, summer vacation Tip 3: Fashion that Feels Good
Vacations are the best excuse to experiment with your wardrobe! But remember, comfort is key. Fill your suitcase with clothes that breathe, emulate style, and fit you like a dream. Versatile pieces that can transition from daytime explorations to evening wind-downs are your best bet. After all, when you look good, you feel good.

Tip 4: Versatile Carry-On Luggage
Streamline your travel experience by investing in a versatile carry-on that can transition effortlessly from the beach to the airplane. The Dagne Dover carry-on is a fantastic choice, offering ample space, stylish design, and functional compartments to keep your essentials organized. Whether you’re stowing away beachwear, snacks, or your latest summer vacation read, this carry-on promises both convenience and flair. Plus, its durable material ensures it stands up to the rigors of travel, making it your trusty companion on all summer vacation. So, gear up with this chic and practical carry-on, and travel light while staying prepared for any adventure.

For your liquids and supplements/vitamins, Cadence travel containers are our picks. They are made with BPA-free materials and feature a secure, leak-proof design that ensures no spills or contamination. Their compact, magnetic design allows for easy organization and space-saving in your luggage, while customizable labels help you quickly identify each container’s contents.

Tip 5: Mindful Meditation and Manifestation
A calm mind equals a blissful trip. Take a few minutes each day to meditate and visualize the incredible experiences awaiting you. Manifesting your dream vacation not only sets a positive intention but prepares your spirit to fully absorb every joyous moment. For meditation and mindful apps, we’re big fans of Open and Alignmode.

Use these tips to transform yourself into a vacation-ready version that radiates confidence and joy. Cheers to creating sun-kissed memories and embracing a wellness journey that transcends time zones and coastlines. Happy travels!

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