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We love the idea of bicoastal living. Heck, our brains already live in both LA and NYC, why not our bodies too? While the idea of a bicoastal life sounds glamorous, the reality can be mentally and physically taxing. Anyone who travels often knows the havoc that airplane-life can unload on the body without the right survival tools.

Ahead are wellnessy tips from CAP Beauty co-founder, Kerrilynn Pamer, who lives the bi-coastal life between her NYC and LA shop locations. Here’s how to create a restorative routine that’s simple enough to take on-board and powerful enough to rely on….

These past few months have seen me traveling from coast to coast more than ever, so I’ve been diving deep into my rituals and setting up systems to support me while in the sky and when I’m back on the ground. Now I’m flying the friendly skies with more ease than I imagined possible.

Dr. Singha’s Travel Tonic | I keep this in my pouch to calm my stomach during times of turbulence and unrest. A few drops in a glass of water settles my stomach and calms my nerves. CHECK OUT

Urban Moonshine Travel Size Original Bitters | These have saved me countless times and I never travel without them. The small bottle stays in my purse, allowing for easier digestion when traveling. I swear by them. CHECK OUT

CAP Beauty Matcha Sticks | Uplevel your early morning flight or perk up your afternoon with these convenient sticks of clear, calm caffeine. Organic, ceremonial grade matcha on the go. Japan is always close by. CHECK OUT

Moon Juice Spirit Dust Sachets | These keep my spirit in check when traveling. A hit in some hot water and I feel calm and mellow, allowing me to enjoy my travel more easily. CHECK OUT

CAP Beauty The Anointing Oil | Our CAPtivator in an oil form. I dot this on my wrists and neck to increase magnetism and encourage a deeper love. Both of which are good to have on hand when traveling. CHECK OUT

One more tip: my friend and mentor, Gil Jacobs, strongly suggests abstaining from eating anything on the flight as our bodies have a hard time digesting when we are in the sky. I’ve been trying it out and have to say, it works.



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