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Fact: dehydration is a given when you’re flying. Airplanes are a no-glow zone. No matter how much water you drink or hydration spray you apply during your journey, your body is at a disadvantage the minute you step onto the plane. Here’s why:

Low cabin pressure, temperature, oxygen, and humidity all create the perfect storm for our personal hydration levels. While most everyday environments contain about 35-65% of humidity, airplanes are kept at only 10-20% humidity! That’s in order to avoid structural damage to the aircraft.

These controlled factors are necessary for our safety and comfort, but unfortunately they all add up to significant water loss from our skin, nasal passages, and respiratory systems. In fact, research suggests that in just a 10-hour flight, you can lose up to 2 liters of water, which is about a day’s-worth of water! You only need to lose 1.5% of the water in your body to qualify for mild dehydration, but at that rate, you’re actually losing almost 5% of your fluid volume!

The consequences that come from this level of dehydration over a sustained period of time go beyond brain fog and fatigue. Sustained dehydration can increase the following health risks:

+ Exacerbated jet lag, affecting your circadian rhythms, immune function, and energy levels.

+ Airborne illnesses (you’re 100x more likely to catch a cold on a plane than on land).

+ Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can, by proxy, up your chances of a pulmonary embolism, which is deadly.

So is the solution just to drink more water throughout your flight? Yes, of course. But our ultimate in-flight hack is easier, more effective and efficient.

The Ultimate In-Flight Hydration Hack

At the baseline, increasing your water intake before, during, and after your flight is never a bad idea. However, water alone isn’t enough. Too much water can dilute your blood electrolyte levels, even when you’re not facing such dehydrating conditions.LMNT review

Deep and sustained hydration requires electrolytes. To keep your mineral levels, water levels, and energy levels on the up-and-up, our favorite in-flight wellness hack of all time includes packing LMNT stick packs into every carry-on. Find the flavor you love, add it to that airport water bottle and thank us later. LMNT provides clean, science-backed electrolyte formulations that are unlike any other on the market. There’s a reason we’ve written about them over and over again. 

Each stick of LMNT contains 1000 mg sodium, 200 mg potassium, and 60 mg magnesium with no added sugar – an instant dose of electrolytes that make us feel more hydrated than anything else we’ve tried. And if you’re concerned about getting too much salt, don’t be. A 2011 JAMA study suggested that 5000 mg of sodium per day is a total sweet spot for heart health outcomes, meaning that there is no harm or foul if you choose to have more than one electrolyte stick on a longer flight.

How To Join The Mile High-dration Club

lmnt girl in pool all day01 | Start thinking about in-flight dehydration 1-2 days before you travel! Focus on good hydration leading up to your trip by adding LMNT to your water up to 24-48 hours pre-flight.

02 | Pack your favorite flavor of LMNT. The stick packs are TSA-friendly and absolutely delicious! Just add to your water bottle once through security. Our favorite flavors include Citrus, Raspberry and Mango Chili.

03 | Avoid reaching for the ever-so-tempting alcoholic or caffeinated beverage
, as they will just dehydrate you further. If it’s a red eye and coffee is a non-negotiable, or if you’re headed on vacay and want that champagne, just consider LMNT your travel MVP and be vigilant about hydrating beforehand and once you’ve landed.

04 | Once you’ve reached your final destination, continue taking one LMNT stick per day to fight jet lag and maintain optimal energy levels so you can fully enjoy your trip! For vacation-goers, consider LMNT the perfect mocktail to balance out any celebratory drinks. The salty Citrus flavors taste just like a good margarita!

Bon voyage! The science on salt, hydration and LMNT is compelling, but the experience is even better—we’ve been packing the salty brand for years now and literally can’t stop sharing it with friends and family wherever we go. 

TCM readers exclusive: If you still haven’t tried LMNT, this is your summer. Get 8 single serving packets FREE with any LMNT order. If you don’t like it, share it with a friend and get your money back, no questions asked.

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