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While we may feel nostalgic from time to time about paper and print, we’re not shy about embracing all our new digital loves either. Having access to great health information on the fly, from our smartphones to our tablets, means we’re never without the knowledge we need to shop, cook and make other healthy living decisions no matter where we are.

Utilizing genius apps are one of our favorite ways to stay in-the-know. We’ve compiled a list of five healthy food apps that will revive old resolutions, boost your culinary confidence, and make wellness more fun. From plant-based recipes and nutrition facts, to kitchen tips, calorie counting and step-by-step instructions, these apps have us covered. Recipes like green superfood smoothies, vegan hazelnut chocolate cake with saffron yogurt, Korean lettuce cups, and raw mushroom lasagna are just a click away…

Top 5 Healthy Eating Apps to Download Today
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30 Raw: Breakfasts

30 RAW is a 30-day breakfast program made by the food blogger behind Earthsprout. Jam-packed with strengthening, transforming and beautifying raw-food breakfast recipes, it’s perfect for whenever you need a fresh start or revitalization. The recipes are basic, quick, and require no fancy equipment – only a sharp knife, an immersion blender and a creative mind. They are gluten-free, free from processed sugar, vegan (with a few exceptions of honey) and positively addictive.

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The Whole Pantry

The Whole Pantry is our new go-to, filled with a continually updated library of resources, empowering information, lifestyle guides and simple, yet beautiful, nourishing recipes.

The Whole Pantry has a ‘back to basics’ approach to both cooking and nutrition, being entirely gluten- and sugar-free with minimal dairy and allergens. Also, be sure to check out their Instagram for a healthy dose of food porn.

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Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen is an inspiring source of organic and tasty vegetarian food created by our favorite bloggers and authors from Green Kitchen Stories. Featuring recipes made with ingredients straight from nature, they use only the best and healthiest of foods – whole grains and seeds, good fats, unrefined sugars and plant-based proteins.

Enjoy and be delighted by creative recipes with drop-dead gorgeous photos, and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions and shopping lists.

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Matthew Kenney's Raw Express

The recipes in this imaginative app are from top raw-food chef, Matthew Kenney. The recipes are organized by appetizers, soups, salads, smoothies, entrees and desserts, and are complemented with stunning, full-color photography.

Each recipe includes ingredients with a descriptive photo and the key nutritional information that makes the unique raw ingredients so important to a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking to go raw or to start incorporating a few raw meals, start here.

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Healthy Desserts

Healthy Desserts is an inspiring source of organic and tasty desserts for every sweet tooth out there. Made by Green Kitchen Stories, it is the perfect follow-up to their food app, Green Kitchen. The recipes – filled with natural sweeteners, healthy fats, whole grains, and fresh fruit – will tickle your taste buds.

Regardless of whether you aim to eat healthier or just want to spice up your menu of desserts for the weekend, Healthy Desserts is the perfect companion in your kitchen.

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