Tricia Huffman is the only joyologist we’ve ever met. We’d love to hire her, as mindful rockers like Jason Mraz do, to prepare our daily workspace for the utmost positive experience possible. Whether that includes her skills as a raw, vegan chef, setting the tone and creating a comfortable, happy environment or keeping the surrounding team in tune and at peace. Sound deeply hippy? Maybe, we could all benefit from having a gal like Tricia around to keep the peace and bring the best of us to the surface.

Tricia’s latest project is a sweet and simple deck of ‘affirmation’ cards – a fun and beautiful looking desk accessory to keep around the house or office to keep the best possible thoughts flowing. We asked Tricia to throw a few good vibes our way and share ideas that will help each of us shift into a more positive mindset daily. Here are Tricia’s simple swaps for the negative daily thoughts we too often drag around…

Our thoughts carry a lot of weight. Often times things are swirling around our heads that aren’t even real. We create doubts, fears and worries about the smallest things, like reading into what an unanswered email means or the look a stranger gives us. Our brain’s are constantly working, and often times being too hard on ourselves.

Think about it, If you tell yourself, “This is so hard!” It is most likely going to be hard, but if you tell yourself “I can do anything I put my mind to.” It feels doable and even exciting. Here are five common daily thoughts to shift into a more positive place.

Everyone battles these negative thought patterns, even the people who have manifested their biggest dreams and who seemingly have it all. Trust me, I’ve seen it firsthand. They have doubts, fears and worries, too. That is why I created the Own Your Awesome affirmation deck. Affirmations are quick, to the point, easily digestible nuggets of wisdom to lift you up. Whenever you are feeling stuck, lost, or uninspired pick a card to shut down all of the negative thoughts that are swirling around in your head and turn your day and attitude around.

5 Daily Affirmations To Replace Negative Thoughts

Thought: They aren’t going to like it.

Think this instead: I believe in me. (whether it be about your idea, your restaurant choice, your cooking, your outfit, etc)

Thought: This will never work out.

Think this instead:  Everything is happening exactly as it is meant to. (about a job, a project, a relationship, a dream)

Thought: I'm So Lazy.

Think this instead: What I do, say, believe makes a difference. I make a difference.

Thought: I can't do it.

Think this instead: I can do whatever I put my mind to.

Thought: Nobody cares.

Think this instead: I am loved.

Make affirmations a part of your daily routine! Pre-order my Own Your Awesome affirmation deck today via my Kickstarter campaign (it ends July 3rd!) and while you are at it, order a few for your friends, because like I said, everyone needs daily inspiration. 

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