On Solid Ground: 4 Gorgeously Sustainable Shoe Brands To Wear Now

From wool trainers to feather festooned sandals, we were floored when we first discovered each of these sustainable shoe brands. We thought we’d bring them all together in one style round-up and get you drooling too!

All four brands focus on sustainable or responsible craftsmanship in their own unique way, and are creating styles we’re eager to get our feet into. From exotic locales like Kenya and New Zealand, to classically fashion-driven cities like Florence and New York, fall in love with each of these brand’s stories and set your sights on a new pair of pumps or trainers…

FEIT Hand Sown Low in suede griege | FEIT, based in NYC, is creating neo-luxury, handmade shoes with low environmental impact that are this gorgeous. Their re-imagination of the classic sneaker with raw edged suede and square leather laces is basically our dream. Construction and natural materials drive this family-owned brand.


Brother Vellies Ponte D’Uoro Sandal | Another luxe line, Brother Vellies handmakes each shoe in Kenya and is deeply committed to traditional processes that benefit the local community and natural materials from dyes to leathers. These pure, exotic beauties, along with other styles native to the area, are exported to customers around the world. This sandal is also available at knee-height by special order!


M. Gemi Brezza Flats| Handcrafted in Florence, Italy and designed with timeless luxury in mind, we’re loving every style in the M. Gemi line-up. These suede ballet flats will never go out of style – and won’t wear out either. That’s the beauty of buying well-made, sustainable luxury items made in family-run factories that have lasted the test of time.


Allbirds Wool Runners | We think this trainer is a cozy, stylish eco-dupe for some of the best running shoes out there right now! Made of – get this – sustainable merino wool, this style can be worn without socks for the softest, most moisture-wicking run ever. Kudos to Allbirds for innovating with one of nature’s best natural materials!


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