33 Good Habits To Start While You’re At Home

Whether you are working from home, unexpectedly homeschooling multiple children, or dealing with new financial realities this month, this quarantine provides us all with enough stress on it’s own without the added pressure of projects and robust personal growth goals in the mix. However, many of us find we have more time on our hands than ever before, even if just in the in-between moments we’re having at home. And we’ve found that small habit adjustments like the below have perked us up and given us some life while we spend more time at home.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, sit this one out. So many of us are committed to turning lemons into lemonade, mistaking an over-zealous sense of personal accomplishment for ‘positivity’. Sometimes true positivity just needs a nap and a good cry in order to make it through the long haul.

Peruse our list and learn more about these good habits with some of our links to classic stories. Get inspired and find a few projects that inspire you or simply sit back, brew some tea or pour a glass of wine, and enjoy the idea of these new habits for a near future in which we hope we’ll all have a bit more energy…

Floss everyday (better yet oil floss)
Make your bed in the morning (while you’re in it, try this uplifting meditation)
Dry brush before you shower (summer will still come)
Stay off your phone for one hour after waking.
Learn to use a gua sha every day to de-puff. (Watch the video)
Diffuse mood-lifting essential oils in the morning. (Learn which oils connect with various emotions.)
Detox your makeup stash of toxic ingredients.
Clean out your pantry with this useful guide.
Break a habit without any guilt. Here’s how.
Begin taking supplements. Here’s how.
Start a new habit with this 20-second rule.
Drink 1 or 2 glasses of warm water on waking.
Use a tongue scraper.
Learn a breathwork practice.
Do inversions every afternoon to give your back a break.
Learn to make your own salad dressing.
Try adding more simple superfoods to everyday meals.
Use cuticle oil on fingers and toes every night.
Turn off screens an hour before bed.
Detox your closet.
Take a daily multivitamin.
Take a daily probiotic.
Learn to master your own mindset. 
Learn to communicate your feelings better.
Understand your sleep cycles.
Learn to make smoothies the right way.
Try an in-bed yoga routine.
Improve your marriage. (This advice is refreshing)
Learn to pre-party before for a night out the healthy way.
Get abs.
Learn how to manage stressful moments better.
Make peace with your body.
Detox from a sugar addiction.

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