Why Gut Health Matters: 15 Steps To Clean Up A Dirty Diet

You are what you eat. This isn’t just metaphorical; gut health is science, people! Whether you’re a tree-dwelling yogi or shiny hospital doctor, the truth remains the same: what we put into our bodies has a direct affect on how we look, feel, think, move — and when our diet gets a little dirty, it’s on us to clean it up. Functional and integrative medicine master, Dr. Frank Lipman, is showing us how…

The microbiome has the power to impact almost every area of your health, from your immunity and your stress response to sleep, mood, behavior, metabolism, weight and much more. When your microbiome is out of balance, your immune system struggles and you’re likely to suffer from frequent colds, allergies, joint pains, brain fog, acne/skin issues, yeast overgrowth and, potentially, more serious disorders. The most obvious signs of an imbalance are frequent gas, bloating, loose stools and/or constipation. If you suffer from any of these, you might need to work on balancing your microbiome. Protecting your microbiome – and restoring its balance if disrupted – is one of the most important things you can do to sustain health.

What’s the Right Way to Deal with Gut Imbalances? After years of practice I’ve come to know there is no one “right” way to deal with imbalances. Everyone is different and therefore their treatment most likely will be different as well. However, we typically need to start with creating balance by removing something that is harming you and restoring something that’s lacking. It is ideal to start by pulling out all foods that feed yeast or bad bacteria in the gut — like sugar, gluten and all factory-farmed meats/processed foods, and focus on consuming clean, real and nutrient-dense foods. Additionally you to need enhance your good bacteria with a daily probiotic and serving of probiotic-rich foods like fermented organic veggies, while taking a anti-microbial supplement that helps fend off harmful bacteria.

Clean up Your Diet

+ Your ideal plate should contain tons of vegetables, healthy fats and high quality proteins. And don’t forget probiotic-rich foods!
+ Eliminate all foods that trigger microbial imbalances like processed foods, genetically modified anything, all refined sugars, conventional dairy products, beans/legumes and grains/wheat/gluten.
+ Stick to low-glycemic fruits.
+ Take out foods/drinks that are high in sugar or turn to sugar in the body – these feed bacterial overgrowths – like corn and white potatoes, alcohol, juice and soda.
+ Nightshade vegetables are smart to eliminate as well while restoring the gut as they tend to be a common trigger for digestive distress.
+ Avoid all factory-farmed meats that come loaded with antibiotics at no extra charge and wreck havoc on your system.

Supplement Wisely

+ Get your blood tests done and supplement where you may be lacking.
+ Omegas, vitamin D, B vitamins and magnesium are all commonly deficient in most Americans who consume a standard American diet (SAD).
+ Take a high quality probiotic daily to boost good bacteria in the gut. This is easy to add to an AM shake and start your day with a boost of nutrients.
+ Support your gut by treating yeast and ridding the digestive tract of bugs that might be contributing to an imbalance.

Relax and Restore

+ Value your sleep! Aim for 7-9 hours a night. Aim for higher-quality sleep with these simple tips.
+ Try incorporating 10 minutes of meditation per day to lower your cortisol – use an app like Headspace or Insight Timer.
+ Maybe try some restorative yoga to ease stress.
+ Get outside and enjoy nature.
+ Be patient with your body while it balances.


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