3 Friends, 3 Days: Our Biggest Pressed Juicery Giveaway Yet

We’re big believers in the buddy system and at no time is a little help from your friends more valuable than during a juice cleanse. We often encourage first time and even seasoned cleansers to find a juicing buddy to keep them on track and make the cleanse that much more fun. It’s great to keep company with someone who can relate to and encourage you and maybe even skip the lunch room with.

We’ve provided cleanses for every shape and size of group: wedding parties, newlyweds, corporate boardrooms, movie sets – we’ve seen it all! And we’ve found one thing to be true. People experience greater success and have more fun accomplishing their cleanse when they’re doing it together.

It’s in that spirit that we’ve launched Detox Diaries. By down-loading our Diaries worksheet you can document your cleanse experience and share it with other Chalkboard readers and Pressed Juicery cleansers who can benefit from your knowledge, experience, tips and pointers. Just email it to hello@thechalkboardmag.com when you’re through. As you may have heard us say once or twice before – we believe that everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn.

Our 3 Friends 3 Day Pressed Juicery Giveaway!

Maybe you’ve been meaning to try a juice cleanse this New Year but have been putting it off. Using the buddy system might be just the push you need! We’re giving away THREE Pressed Juicery 3-Day Cleanses for 3 juice-ready readers that want to take their cleanse experience to the next level. Here’s what to do – there are 3 steps:

1. Enlist 2 friends! You probably have them in mind already. It could be your two juice-craving bff’s who you’ll have at hello. It could be two family members who need a healthy boost. It could be your boyfriend and his annoying roommate. Whatever! Whoever you want to cleanse with – get them on the line and ready for their juice cleanse!

2. All 3 of you must comment below! Now here is how you 3 musketeers can enter the giveaway! Leave your comment below about why you want to win. In your comments you must mention both of your cleansing friends by name. All three of you may comment to boost your chances of winning!

3. Register for our Newsletter! Finally each friend on your cleanse team must register for The Chalkboard newsletter. Make sure that the names you use in your comments match the names you register with. That’s how we’ll watch for our potential giveaway winners!

Good luck readers! We can’t wait to find out who wins this fabulous 3-Day giveaway valued at nearly $900.00. This giveaway will be open until Thursday, January 31th when we announce the winners here on The Chalkboard. Be sure not to skip a step and watch for our email alerting you of your win!

If you’re interested in cleaning with a group larger than 3 – say your office floor or your upcoming family reunion – contact Pressed Juicery for more information and special rates.

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