The 3 Friend Cleanse: Win Our Huge Pressed Juicery Cleanse Giveaway!

When it comes to getting healthy, there’s nothing like the buddy system. Whether you’re challenging yourself to quit a bad habit or start a new routine, we all get by with a little help from our friends. There’s one thing we know for certain: there is no better time to enlist your own personal cheering squad than when embarking on a juice cleanse. It can take a team effort to avoid the lingering edible stocking-stuffers and, the truth is, the buddy system makes the entire experience a whole lot more fun.

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth cleanse, everyone can use the support of a friend – or two! In our biggest giveaway of the year (up to a $600 value!), we’ll be providing you and two of your favorite juice-crazy pals with 3 days of Pressed Juicery’s most popular cleanse, filled with nourishing Greens, grounding Roots, detoxifying Citrus, and the often-imitated, never-duplicated Almond Milk, to start your year off like never before!

Mouth watering yet? Ours, too. We only give away this much juice once a year, so start rounding up your cleansing crew ASAP! Here’s how to enter…

The Pressed Juicery 3 Friend Cleanse Giveaway


Each of three friends will receive a 3-day juice cleanse by Pressed Juicery complete with 6 of our most popular juices and 2 h2os. Each 3-day cleanse will be arranged for shipment, delivery or for pick-up at a Pressed Juicery location once we’ve determined each juicing buddy’s locale (cleanses can be sent inside the continental U.S. only).


Get on the horn and invite two of your best juicing pals to get in on the fun!  Choose anyone you like: your health-conscious BFF, your spin instructor, your sister and mom – or your roommate who thinks nachos are their own food group and could use the greens more than anyone. Whoever you have in mind, get them on board and get ready to go green!


Each of the three cleanse buddies must leave their own comment below. In your comment, tell us why you want to win and mention both of your cleansing buddies by name so we can be sure to spot your crew! 

STEP 3: sign-up FOR the chalkboard NEWSLETTER

Each juicing buddy must sign up for The Chalkboard newsletter (pfft -as if you don’t subscribe already). Incidentally, signing up for our newsletter also gets you 10% off your next Pressed Juicery order. Win, win!


Sit back, relax, check out our pre-cleansing tips and keep your eyes peeled for the winning announcement: this giveaway will close January 8, 2014 at 5 p.m. P.S.T. 

Congrats in advance to our winners! For the rest of us, Pressed Juicery is offering a New Year’s offer like no other: pick up the cleanse at Pressed Juicery locations for just $39 a day or order the 3 Day Cleanse online for just $149 til January 10! 

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From our friends


  1. I should win the cleansing system b/c I want to start off 2014 in the right direction!! I believe that the best way of doing so is getting my mind and body in a clean direction. Please pick me!!!

  2. @ Bea and Aisha–let’s start off 2014 in the right direction! I’m excited for our (new) New Years workout tradition–looking forward to working out this morning and eating right!

  3. @ Bea and Aisha. Please pick us!! We’d really appreciate it! Thx!

  4. I don’t normally do cleanses…but a few peeps and I who live in a neighborhood w a Pressed Juicery have been talking about it for the new year…could be an interesting experiment!

    lynn @ the actor's diet | 01.01.2014 | Reply
  5. I’d love to do this cleanse with my co-workers Randy and Joyce, because we feel like healthy bodies are important to be successful in the workplace!

    Charlene | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  6. Please pick Luke, Araceli and I because we’ve tried our own home-made concoctions last year, but we want to kick off 2014 with a proper cleanse…ANDDDD this will be Luke’s first so we have to do it up right!

    Angelita | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  7. Hellooo, 2014! I’d like to kick the year off proper with the opportunity of a Juice Cleanse with my amazing coworkers Randy and Charlene. We’re semi-health nuts and total fans of Pressed Juicery.

    Joyce | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  8. the greens selections are my favorite; especially greens 1.5 and 4. i live close to a pressed juciery and they also carry them at our office (delivered daily) so options are a plenty. I have never tried a cleanse, but it would be a cool opportunity for my coworkers, Charlene, Joyce and I to try it out with our favorite juicery.

    Randy | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  9. After a crazy 2013 with health scares and hitting the big 3-0, I want to kick off 2014 and the rest of my life in a healthy way. I think your juices would play a key role in my new health overhaul and would also help out my mom, joanne, who has been battling arthritis and who is looking for a way to help her ailments naturally. Additionally, my best friend Vijay has also been looking for way to shed a few pounds that he has been storing since law school! Please help me, Joanne, and Vijay start 2014 right with an awesome juice cleanse. I am also a blogger and would blog about the experience to share with others. We’re in this together!

    Mary | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  10. As a first year medical school student, healthy living wasn’t a top priority of mine in the midst of stressful courses, clinicals and studies. This is a new year, a new semester and I believe as an aspiring physician we must lead by example and live a healthier lifestyle. Healthy eating and healthy life choice are a necessity in living a long and healthy life, at any age, and so I would like to do this with my two roommates Leslie and Lexie! Health=Happiness

    Katie | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  11. I binged this holiday season! I drank and ate more than usual so I’d like to get my body back on track so I can be the best mom and wife in 2014. My cleanse buddies are Christina Hanaoka and Erica Shaw! Good luck!

    Janaye Hanaoka | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  12. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for my daughter, her BFF Vijay, and myself to remember to take care of ourselves and reset our systems for the new year. As Mary mentioned, I have been dealing with a recent diagnosis of arthritis and under my doctor’s recommendation, I’m committed to changing the way I eat and really take care of myself! I think the juice cleanse would really jump start this! Thank you for reading this over and happy new year!

    Joanne Stormo Coleman | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  13. This is a great opportunity! My friends (Erica and Janaye) and I were just researching which cleanse we wanted to do, and I loved your recent article about doing a cleanse for the right reasons. It would be a good start to the year and a way to build confidence as we learn to always be happy with our bodies. Happy new year!

    Christina Hanaoka | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  14. When Mary and Joanne told me about pressed juices and the opportunity that we can win, I got so excited! I haven’t been feeling exactly healthy after law school and after the holidays, I’m not feeling too healthy. I have heard great things about your juices but haven’t had the chance to try them out. If given the opportunity to go on a juice cleanse, I just know it would lead me to where I want to be: healthy. Like Joanne said, I want to start respecting my body and putting good stuff into it. Please give us the chance to reclaim our health in 2014! Happy New Year.

    Vijay Kitson | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  15. Alanna Joy, Kristi Dawn and I work together. We have suffered through a delicious but vicious cake, candy, marshmallow, peppermint and chocolate infused holiday season.We have been on a non-stop sugar binge since Halloween! Working in an office can be tough. There is a lot of peer pressure to indulge in treats all year, but the holidays are especially brutal. WE NEED HELP! We have to get off this candy-coated merry-go-round and start 2014 on the right foot. PLEASE PICK US! Go team!

    Abigail Phoenix | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  16. Please pick Araceli, Angelita, and I because nobody knows about best bud burnoffs/outs better than us. We all want and need to be cleansed…2013 was a belly bulging year and we need 2014 to be the year of health! Go Pressed Juicery!!!

    Luke M. | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  17. Abigail Phoenix and Alanna Joy are my partners in crime and let me tell you, we have committed some crimes this holiday season including polishing off a 4 lb box of See’s chocolates (ok, we shared SOME with our co-workers) and a hot cocoa bar. We are in desperate need of something green-and I don’t mean peppermint schnapps! We are looking forward to a fresh start in the New Year to stop this sugar shame train. Bring on 2014! We got this!

    Kristi Dawn | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  18. What’s a better way to bond with your coworkers than celebrating the new year with a delicious juice cleanse? My teammates Abigail Phoenix, Kristi Dawn and I have been indulging in the festivities of the holidays, as well as several birthday celebrations, and it’s about time we face the truth: we can’t keep living this way! Help us get on the right track and we’ll spread the good word of Pressed to the office – a beautiful but dangerously indulgent environment. We have done things we cannot undo these past few months . . . but there’s no time like the present! Plus, I need their support to put down the 4-lb box of See’s chocolates and sip on a bottle of nature’s most nourishing greens instead. It’s a tough habit to kick but together, we can do anything. Thank you, Pressed. Go team!

    Alanna Joy | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  19. I’m ready to give this juice thing a whirl, with my buds Renee and Michelle…buddies I am usually more likely to have a margarita with than a salad. Time to turn this car around! #2014

    Johanna | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  20. Renee S. brought the idea to Johanna M. & I to join forces to try a juice cleanse once and for all. And like Johanna said: we’re more likely to get together over happy hour. Would love to try something new & healthy with my girls to start 2014 right!

    Michelle V. | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  21. Would love this for me, my wife Lori and our best friend Rob. Lori has breast cancer and going on year 3 of adjuvant therapy. Rob turned her onto the power of juicing. But all 3 of us work full time and it’s tough to be consistent. What a great 2014 start to the year for her and her biggest supporters – me and Rob! Happy New Year!

    Scott | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  22. For me, Scott and Rob – to make 2014 start off the healthiest possible. And to keep us all motivated to stay that way. I did a 3 day from PJ a few years ago and it was great. Would love that feeling back. Thanks!

    Lori | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  23. Michelle V. Johanna M. and I are (fully committed) cleanse newbies, and they’ll be a great support system through the process. Here’s to a healthy #2014!

    Renee S. | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  24. I would really love to start the new year in a healthy direction; especially since I have really high cholesterol. A juice cleanse would really benefit my health, and my friendsRoxanne and Mari . They are also trying to better themselves, they both suffer from health issues, and they are ready to start living a healthy lifestyle. I hope my friends and I can start juicing together, and benefit from the amazing power of a healthy lifestyle. 🙂

    Sandra Miller | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  25. I’ve always wanted to do a three day juice cleanse with the right tools–namely, great fresh juices and a strong support system. Lindsey Whitman, Courtney Newman, and I would love the opportunity to drink to our health in 2014! Many thanks.

    Anne Wakefield | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  26. One of my BFF’s Annie is a HUGE fan of the brand and your juices! What a fun way to get introduced to your cleanse! We showed Brittany your site and she too is super excited to check it out! Looking forward to jump starting 2014 with the Pressed Juicery!

    Leah | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  27. I would love to do this cleanse with my friends Anne Wakefield and Courtney Newman. The three of us love to take care of our bodies by exercising and eating right, and I can’t think of a better thing to do than start off 2014 with one of your awesome cleanses! I discovered Pressed Juicery while in Montecito over the summer, and I fell in love with your juices, especially your green juices. I have tried numerous other cold pressed brands, and yours are simply the best! Please expand to Texas and open locations in Austin (for my friend, Anne) and in Houston for me!!

    Lindsey | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  28. I am dying to do the cleanse with my friends Lindsey Whitman and Anne Wakefield! We love being healthy and trying new things. As Moms with your kids we are always looking for convenient ways to stay healthy, fit and set good examples for the young ones. Lindsey has been raving about your juices but I can’t seem to find them in stores. I was thrilled to hear about your website and am SO wanting to try this cleanse with my buddies.

    Courtney | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  29. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Pressed after trying them at my university’s farmers market. Cleansing with my two girlfriends, Leah and Brittany, would not only be a great way to hit the ground running towards a healthier lifestyle in 2014, it would be so fun and provide such a supportive, understanding environment. Besides, health benefits as good as those derived from cleansing is just too good to keep to one person!

    Annie | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  30. I would really love to start the new year right, and juicing is the right way to start. My friends Mari and Sandra are also trying to better their lives by juicing. Hope we can all start our New Years resolution with pressed juices cleanse!

    Roxanne Martinez | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  31. 2013 was a tough year health wise had a lot of health issues, 2014 is my new beginning to a healthy lifestyle. I have encouraged my friends Sandra and Roxanne to join me on my journey to get healthy through juicing. I hope we can all get healthy together and live healthy lives. Hope we win pressed juices are delicious 😉

    Mari Delarosa | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  32. I know how important juicing is to overall health and it would be great to have a freebie 3 day with Lori & Scott. Lori raves about your juices but I have yet to try so it would be a great introduction to what will hopefully be a long and healthy relationship.

  33. Starting the new year with a cleanse- body and mind.

    Denise | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  34. My daughter is getting married this May, my grandson turns one this week and need a jump start
    Katie Nelson And Jennifer Poole need a jump start as well. Mother, daughter and sister!
    Lets start a busy 2014 with a cleanse!

    Rhonda | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  35. 2013 = baby, 2014=wedding
    Rhonda and Jennifer, lets do this cleanse!
    Mother, daughter and aunt!

    Katie | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  36. I would love the opportunity to cleanse with both of my lovely sisters which both had babies this past year and given me the most precious gift since I don’t have any kids of my own. My sisters Phung and Phine. The 3 P’s can do this cleanse together and I can be both of my sisters cheerleader to shed the baby weight. I love this idea because both of my sister do not consume vegetable on a daily basis and these wonderful juices will allow them to get the vital nutrients their bodies need. And what other way then with Pressed Juicery Juice, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before.

    Patty L | 01.02.2014 | Reply
  37. Friends are one of the best support systems a girl can have. My love for juicing and overall well-being has been fostered by one of those supportive friends: Ruth. She has been so vocal about the benefits of juicing and has even nursed her father back to health with them. It would be the best gift to do this together with her and another devoted juicing pal, Jillian. After all, friends who cleanse together, stay together!

    Nadia | 01.03.2014 | Reply
  38. I need a clean detox. I am trying to rebuild my body, for the passed 33 months I have been my Father primary caregiver. Father passed on to Heaven in October, I think due to the stress, I began to eat things I have not eaten in years. I need a-little help with a great Punch to it. I am sure this will give me the excitement of winning and following the cleanse program will Recharge Me for “2014”. Thank you this is a great gift to give.

    j jules frazier | 01.03.2014 | Reply
  39. 2014 is going to be a great year! A year of love and celebration for my friends. Corinne, Jamie and I have several of our close friends getting married this year! While we are so excited, that also means lots of drinking and eating and celebrating! We need this cleanse to kick start our year, help us maintain healthiness and to feel fabulous at all of these weddings and events. We just love Pressed Juicery and this would be such a treat!

    Brittany Letto | 01.03.2014 | Reply
  40. Ditto Brittany Letto!
    While we should always be health conscious, the new year is a great impetus to reinvigorate your commitment to a healthy life. I’ve done the juice cleanse before and man, it felt amazing. The cleanse helps remind your body of what it really needs. Thanks to Pressed Juicery, we can work towards our goals!

    Corinne Crockett | 01.03.2014 | Reply
  41. Ditto on the above comment! Brittany, Corinne , and I are inspired and excited to start 2014 feeling happy and healthy, thanks to everybody at Pressed!

    Jamie | 01.03.2014 | Reply
  42. I’ve been juicing for years now but never had the opportunity to do a cleanse with friends. I would love for Nadia, Jillian and I to start 2014 right! After all the holiday indulgence our bodies are in desperate need of a detox and i think it’ll be a great way to set the tone for a healthy year.

    Ruth | 01.03.2014 | Reply
  43. Me and my girls (Leah and Annie #HOLLA) are in MAJOR need of a cleanse after we ate our way through the holiday season. A BFF Blueprint Cleanse would be the perfect start to kick off a healthier me in 2014! TOXINS be GONE!

    Brittany Fowler | 01.03.2014 | Reply
  44. I am doing one now, and it is so great. These juices are the best I have ever tried. However, I need more fruits and veggies as I am having health problems. My daughters are wanting to show their solidarity and do it with me (they also want to get healthier)…come on Jacy and Lacy!

  45. My mom loves this and I’d really like to try it!

    jacy | 01.03.2014 | Reply
  46. Please pick my Mom, she really needs this…and me and my sister want to do it with her!

    lacy | 01.03.2014 | Reply
  47. I would love to start off 2014 with a bang! 2 of my goals for the new year is fostering my amazing friendships and getting healthy! I first found out about the benefits of a juice cleanse through Ruth and it has changed my life! To be able to do this cleanse with my dear friends Ruth & Nadia would be the best gift a friend could give!
    And as Nadia said… “Friends who cleanse together, stay together!” 🙂

    Jillian | 01.04.2014 | Reply
  48. i have been wanting to try a juice cleanse for years but have no juicer and am not sure if it is the right thing for me. this would be a great way to explore the realm of juice cleansing and i would be so excited to win!!! my 2 buddies brian jackson and cristina ahmadpour would also benefit greatly from a healthy, juicy cleanse.

    Roxanne | 01.04.2014 | Reply
  49. i am so excited to try pressed juicery juices! it would be so awesome to do this cleanse along with my two buddies roxanne and cristina!

    Brian | 01.04.2014 | Reply
  50. this cleanse would be such a wonderful way to start off the new year with energy and good health.

    Cristina | 01.04.2014 | Reply
  51. My friends (Julie and Katie) and I would love to win the cleanses! It’s a new year and after a month of celebrating a little too much it would be great to get back on track with these wonderful juices. I love Pressed juices and get them whenever I can fit it in the budget. Here’s to a wonderful 2014, and hopefully a little luck with this giveaway!

    Cathi | 01.05.2014 | Reply
  52. This year will be the start of living everyday like its the last, experiencing everything the world has to offer and making true connections/relationships with those around me. To do this with a healthy mind, body and spirit means that I have to start making a difference with myself. Never had pressed juices but this cleanse would be the kickoff I need and those I am closest to (Cathy and Scott)

    Erin Heiser | 01.05.2014 | Reply
  53. I have spent the past year doing all I can to help those around me and the causes I truly believe in. I wish to win this cleanse (for myself and family) as a way to renew my past dedications and remind myself to be pure in thought and action as well as to continue to help those in need.

    Cathy Heiser | 01.05.2014 | Reply
  54. I’ve had a year of discouraging surgery and recovery that has honestly gone on too long for my liking. I want to be healthy and active again and I think this cleanse will help me start off right. I really want to win this and have Cathy and Erin as my support system as I try to regain the active life I used to have.

    Scott Heiser | 01.05.2014 | Reply
  55. WE are so pumped to get healthier this year! New beginnings!

    Eric and Mariam, we can do this!

    Doris | 01.05.2014 | Reply
  56. Yes, ma’am! I am all for a healthier and happier version of ourselves this year! Go Team Eric, Doris and Mariam!

    Eric | 01.05.2014 | Reply
  57. No more excuses! We need to encourage one another to get healthier! Go Team Eric, Mariam and Doris!

    Mariam | 01.05.2014 | Reply
  58. Please pick us – Kelli, Casey and Craig! I am committed to eating gluten free and healthy everyday. Over the holidays two of us were sick, can’t get off the couch sick and one was busy saving lives in an emergency room…After 13 episodes of Orange is the New Black for the two of us who were sick, and grabbing quick (an not always the healthiest meals) for the one saving others, WE are ready to detox and recharge! It is also a great bonding event for us since I am on the west coast and the guys are on the east coast. – Thanks – Kelli

    Kelli | 01.05.2014 | Reply
  59. Getting a cleanse from pressed juicery has always been one of my dreams! But I’ve never had enough money. So, winning this cleanse would be a big blessing and also a super fun way to give my January an extra healthy kick. My two buddies are Josie Alex, and Sarah Cessna.
    and ps of course I’ve been subscribed to your emails. 😉

    Paige | 01.05.2014 | Reply
  60. I just got the chance, thanks to Christmas, to try a one day cleanse and I loved it! It would be a huge blessing to win this and be able to enjoy the nutrition and super cool packaging. Juices are great for busy days, which I have too many of in the future! My two friends are Paige Stevens and Sarah Cessna. I’ve subscribed to the emails…and I’m addicted to the blog too.

    Josie Alex | 01.05.2014 | Reply
  61. Well, as usual..with a New Year comes a few extra pounds gained in the 11th hour (aka December). My girlfriends and I (Cathi and Julie) are in MAJOR need of a reboot with a juice cleanse! Living in cities where layering clothes in the winter is a MUST (Chicago and Philadelphia), we are bound and determined not to let that get the better of our waistlines. Each of us loves pressed juices and want to kick off 2014 the right way – with a free cleanse! Cheers to a wonderful 2014!

    Katie | 01.06.2014 | Reply
  62. Beautiful! I have some pals (Sarah, Stephanie, and Matt) who’ve been all over the map with Paleo, GAPS dabbling, and GF/DF – we need a reset. Sending this along!

    Shannon | 01.06.2014 | Reply
  63. I recently discovered The Chalkboard Mag and The Pressed Juicery on my endeavor to a healthier lifestyle, and I greatly appreciate everything you are doing. As someone who deals with a lot of health issues but hates medication, I’ve been trying out natural alternatives. Living with my two very close and health conscious friends Brandon Robertson and Kris Syphers makes it easier to have a very understanding and caring support system. We are constantly discovering new ways of taking care of ourselves mind, body, and spirit. Never having tried a juice cleanse, we would love to share the experience of our first juice cleanse together. We are all full time college students and part time workers who could definitely use a lift at this crucial times in our lives! Thank you! ~ Cara

    Cara | 01.06.2014 | Reply
  64. Happy New Year!! My two coworkers and I work in a corporate building where it’s sometimes hard to get out and grab a healthy lunch. Over the holidays our office gets bombarded with goodies and lush lunch dates to the point where you can’t avoid it…even if you try. As a group we talked about doing a cleanse hoping it would help motivate us to have a healthier 2014 if we did it together. We stumbled across this giveaway today and thought why not give it a shot! This would be our first time trying Pressed Juicery Cleanse!

    Bevin Calnan | 01.06.2014 | Reply
  65. My friends, Cathi & Katie, and I would love to start the new year with a healthy juice cleanse. The holidays were rough on the diet with so much traveling (and ok….a few too many cookies). We want to do a cleanse to get back on track and refocus for 2014. Cleanses are not only good for the body, but also the mind and the soul. We’d love to win your 3 day cleanse and feel great!

    Julie F. | 01.06.2014 | Reply
  66. My co-workers Bevin Calnan and Grace Fernandez are really making ourselves a priority this year. We want to start out by treating our bodies more respectfully, doing more exercise and eating more healthy. We would love to start that out by trying the Pressed Juicery juice cleanse! I’ve tried the juices before separately, and I highly recommended them to my friends. Since we all work together in the same office, we would only need one delivery – we all sit close by and spend most of our week days together, we can all be accountable to each other easily!

    Mitzi Phung | 01.06.2014 | Reply
  67. My coworkers, Mitzi Phung & Bevin Calnan, and I have been talking about doing a cleanse since the holiday waist killers starting pouring into the office. Its time to re-energize our bodies and winning the Pressed Juicery Cleanse would be a great opportunity for us to start 2014 with a clean body and fresh outlook to our health. Go Team Foxie Ladies!

    Grace Fernandez | 01.06.2014 | Reply
  68. I just turned 40 and want to start the year off clean. This new phase of my life is going to be an authentic and nurturing one. I want to treat my body right and start the year with a cleanse. I have done the master cleanse, but find it too extreme. I have never done a juice cleanse, but haven’t gotten around to trying one yet. My friends Sandra and Quan would definitely be into it too. Sandra is studying Chinese medicine, and Quan needs a kick start for her nutrition makeover (I love you! :p)

    Carolyn P. | 01.06.2014 | Reply
  69. I would love to do a cleanse with Brenda Lawrence and Jean-Pierre. I feel like those two kids would keep me honest to sticking with it and send me positive encouragement to keep me going 🙂 best cleanse buddies a girl could ask for.

    Amanda Lawrence | 01.06.2014 | Reply
  70. My mom and my friend Kristal–who gets married this year would looooovve a 3day!!

    Jessica E. | 01.06.2014 | Reply
  71. I would enjoy doing a 3 day juice cleanse with Brenda and Amanda Lawrence. It’s great to have a buddy to do your cleanse with and keep you focused on getting happy and healthy and I think Brenda and Amanda are the best anyone could ask for!

    Jean-Pierre Mouilleseaux | 01.06.2014 | Reply
  72. Please, please, pick us! I would love to take advantage of a 3 day juice cleanse along with my son Adam and my daughter-in-law Michelle. I am awaiting the arrival of my first cleanse that is scheduled to arrive today. When I told Adam and Michelle what I was doing they were really excited about my commitment to a healthy new year; that is why I feel that making this a family affair would be great opportunity for all of us. So please help us keep it all in the family!

    Karen Massari | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  73. I would love to join my sister Amanda and Jean-Pierre in a juice cleanse. We are all about getting back on track in this new year. Pressed juice is definitely a great addition to our commitment to starting this year off right and keeping our progress on track. 2013 was a rough year for all of us. I can’t wait to start fresh in 2014.

    Brenda Lawrence | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  74. I would love to win a 3 day juice cleanse for myself Luke and Angelita. We have done home made juice cleanses in the past but the hassle of making juices on a daily basis gets challenging. We want to start off the new year with a professional juice cleanse, that will not add stress to our already hectic lives. It is difficult to make juices when you have kids a elderly parent and a partner to attend when you get home from a 12 hour work day.

    Araceli | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  75. Karen and Michelle, here’s to getting on track in 2014 and a better us!

    Adam | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  76. I would love to win a 3 day juice for myself, my childhood buddy Qiana, and my boyfriend Tony. I’ve been a fan of Pressed Juicery for awhile now and would love the opportunity to try their product. With the start of a new year, winning this contest will allow an opportunity for me to reset my system. Most importantly, I would love to win for my loved ones. Qiana has been unemployed for six months now and unfortunately, gained a few pounds. This would be a great chance for her to get back on track. For Tony, he consumed a lot of red meat and indulged on sweets during the holiday season, so this would be a good way for him to give his stomach a break without having to really think about it. Thanks!

    Sandra | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  77. Guilty, my stomach could use the break. Thanks Sandra!

    Tony | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  78. I’ve been unemployed for a few months now and I have gained some pounds due to being inactive. I feel sluggish and would love to a cleanse, but do to my financial situation I cannot afford to. I would also love to include my friend Sandra and her boyfriend Tony, not only have they been awesome friends, a shoulder to cry on, and my support system they’ve been eating a lot during the holidays. I would love to buy them something but due to my current situation I feel like this would be the ultimate thank you from me to them for being such amazing people.

    Qiana | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  79. For the two people responsible for the majority of my toxic fun — Amein P. & Lisa M. – let’s clean it up. At least for a little while! Love you both. Heather

    Heather | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  80. Today actually marks my one year anniversary of becoming a vegetarian. 2012 and 2013 marked very scary years for me health-wise. My mom was admitted to the hospital for heart issues, my grand-aunt underwent open heart surgery, and my dad was admitted to the hospital twice in one month for a stroke. 2012 was the most challenging year for my health, personally. I discovered that I had a heart arrhythmia and murmur, just like my mom, and if I didn’t change something in my lifestyle, it would only get worse. My grandma died at the age of 45 from a heart attack. This is not how I wanted to live my life. For all my life, I was ‘that person’ that ordered the meat lover’s pizza, in-n-out with no veggies, and steak rare any chance I could get. I started dating Miguel, who was already 1 year a vegetarian, toward the end of 2012. Of course I judged him and laughed at his ways. But eventually, I learned that perhaps his ways weren’t so funny. Perhaps this could be the change that I was looking for. By January 2013 I had committed to eating a plant-based diet. I didn’t ease myself into it or take baby steps. I plunged head-first and decided to make the change. Now, one year later, I have had zero complications with my heart, and upon a recent doctor’s physical exam, my heart and entire body is healthier than ever before. I’ve encouraged my mom and dad to eat healthier and my mom has been able to get off most of her heart medications as a result. My dad hasn’t had any more issues this year. It’s been a radical and awesome transformational year and I can’t wait to start this one in 2014. This year’s challenge for me is to stop drinking alcohol and adopt a vegan lifestyle. I recently rekindled my friendship with my high school best friend Edith, who has now become inspired to live a healthier 2014 as well. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Miguel and Edith, let’s do this together! 🙂

    Lilli | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  81. I’d love to do the cleanse with my mom and sister! I work at a bakery and often bring home sugary goodness but my sister is trying to get back in shape and Pressed is just the thing to help us! We’re totally obsessed with all of the fresh flavors and combinations and are dying to try many more!

    Sara | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  82. Ambar Guzman and Leah Mirales are my partners for this potential cleanse! I want to juice because I want to focus on my body and my health, and do it in a way where I make a positive change. This would help me jump start my plan. I just love Pressed Juice juices too, they are so delicious! It would be a wonderful gift to receive and I would be very thankful!

    Stacia Stolzenberg | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  83. @Stacia S. and Ambar G. – JUICEJUICEJUICE!

    Leah M. | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  84. It’s crazy how 2 years can go by so fast. I’m now going on my 3rd year as a full vegetarian. I grew up in Mexico where, as you can imagine, meat is a big part of our culture, breakfast, lunch and dinner yeah pretty much every meal. I never used to eat salads, hated vegetables, and overall was the definition of a carnivore. After a very real and very eye-opening health scare, I decided…pretty much that I didn’t want to die just yet. I made the switch to full vegetarian in 2012 and haven’t looked back since then. I’ve lost 20 pounds and am healthier than ever. This year, I’ve decided with my girlfriend Lilli to detox myself even further and give up alcohol. I want to be the best me possible for as long as possible. The world has too many amazing parts that I want to see. This Pressed Juicery cleanse is the perfect way for us to transition into an even healthier, pure lifestyle in 2014 and beyond. Lilli and Edith, let’s do this!

    Miguel Es | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  85. Because 2014 is the year to clean it up! And I while I need it more than they do, I know my best friends Lisa M. and Heather S. are sufficiently impure to need this too!

    Amein Punjani | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  86. My co-workers, Stacia Stolzenberg and Leah M., and I want to start the New Year off the right way! We are planning on starting a healthy eating plan and cheering each other on since we are together 8 hours of the day. Starting off with yummy Pressed Juice juices would be the perfect way to jump start our healthy eating habits. Please choose us!! Go team! Go!

    P.s. I need to get rid of this baby weight ASAP!

    Ambar Guzman | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  87. I won’t bore you with all the reasons I want to win this juice cleanse, but let me tell you about the main reason – my high school best friend, Lilli. I lost touch with her through college & post-college life, but now years later our friendship has picked up exactly where it left off. She has worked hard in adopting a healthy lifestyle, but I never knew her reasons until reading her submission moments ago. Her story is an inspiration, and I want to celebrate her successes with her. I would love to kickstart my journey to a healthier lifestyle with this cleanse alongside her and Miguel, the man that played such a large role in inspiring her to revamp her lifestyle. Lilli and Miguel, here’s to a happy and healthy 2014!

    Edith | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  88. We are three best friends that anyone could have, living in what we believe is the BEST CITY ever: SF. Being transplants from LA, we had heard of Pressed Juicery. Right when it launched near our house on Union Street, we could not have gotten there any faster to get our first cleanse. Between work, our 2nd and 3rd jobs, mentoring high school kids, charity groups, and enjoying the city, we are each other’s backbone to ensure we succeed and stay healthy and fit. Through personal and recent family health scares, we have a deep appreciation of feeding your body the raw goodness that it craves and I would love nothing more than to be able to do a cleanse with our SF trio (Liberty Kikerpill and Kristin Ruehle).

    Kelly Christian | 01.07.2014 | Reply
    • I would love to cleanse with my two best friends Kelly Christian and Kristin Ruehle! We each have different and very personal reasons for wanting to cleanse, but we have all dedicated to ourselves and each other, that this year marks the year of health and prosperity for us. We cannot imagine a better way to kick start than with our favorite Juice Cleanses from Pressed. I have already convinced three other people in my office at PIXAR to cleanse with us!

      Liberty | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  89. Would love it if you would pick Heather, Jennifer and I to win this cleanse. We have been wanting to start the new year with a fresh start, and what better way then with a 3 day cleanse to kick start it. Since moving to the Los Angeles area earlier last year we have all learned so much from one another whether it was about hot yoga, homeopathic remedies or making left turns in LA. Would be simply great to have these 2 girls as my support system for my first ever cleanse. 3 girls, 3 days, 3 fresh starts in 2014. Cheers.

    Christina | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  90. The thought of a juice cleanse scares me! But considering Cory, Melinda, and I are all turning 30 this year and are hoping to take a trip to Mexico to celebrate, it would come in handy! Melinda is already super fit, and my hubby and I are trying to follow in her footsteps and this cleanse would be the perfect way to start off the last year of our 20s!

    Lindsay | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  91. Hi! I’ve been a fan of Pressed for the past 3-4 years and love telling my friends how amazing your juices and cleanses are! I would love Christina and Heather to experience the cleanse! It would be Christina’s first cleanse ever and she really wants to start the New Year off healthier so this would be a great way to help her achieve that goal! Happy New Year! xoxo!

    Jennifer | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  92. I would love to win this cleanse! I would love to take my already clean eating to another level and get 2014 started on the right foot! To my husband Brad and my close friend Kristen, let’s see if we can do this together!

    Michele Campbell | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  93. Since my wife has been “nagging” me to eat better, what better way to get started. I tried the master cleanse once but couldn’t get past day 2.

    Brad Campbell | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  94. Thanks to my friend Michele who has inspired me to eat better and incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet. Would be very excited to win this giveaway!!

    Kristen Souza | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  95. My sister Jordan, my best friend Elle and I are all in college and, needless to say, our bodies take quite the hit from this lifestyle. We are simply sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, so we have decided that 2014 is the year to clean up our acts! A juice cleanse would be the perfect way to start our health kick and encourage maintaining a clean lifestyle. Please pick us!!

    Haley Fuller | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  96. My best friend Haley and her sister Jordan and I are all entering this juice cleanse giveaway because we want to kick start a healthy new year before college slows us down! All three of us are really healthy (physically/ mentally) however college somehow continues to get the best of us. This cleanse is a boost into the longevity of our resolutions, and we really really need it!

    Elle Ingalls | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  97. What a wonderful contest to start the new year off! I would love if Christina, Jennifer and myself were blessed enough to win this three day cleanse! With a fresh start this year all three of us are anxious about having a clean slate to better love and learn about ourselves. Living in LA there is no shortage of healthy lifestyle inspiration and we plan to take full advantage. Pressed Juicery is such a wonderful company that we all three love and support. Each of us would love to use this cleanse as not only a way to bond over our healthy lifestyle choices but to cleanse ourselves of the past year and any turmoil we experienced. So many people mistake juice cleanses for a quick way to lose weight but we truly love the benefits of detoxifying our bodies in such a natural way and would be so blessed to begin our year with this wonderful three day cleanse!

    heather plassman | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  98. Karen, Adam and I would love to win this! It would be wonderful to tackle a common goal like getting healthy together and having the support of each other. Karen is my mother in law and Adam is my husband. I had a healthy baby girl in May and would love to start 2014 off healthy and fresh!

    Michelle D. | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  99. my best friend, Lisa and my husband Mike and I want to win because we are all trying to live healthier lives in 2014. I just recently got my husband into juicing but have yet to get him to join me on a cleanse, this would definitely be the push he needs if we won the cleanse and had the opportunity to do it together for free. My best friend, Lisa is my favorite healthy accountability buddy so she would for sure need to be in on the cleansing too.

    Emilie | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  100. My wife, Emilie, her best friend Lisa and I would like to win this cleanse because Emilie swears by juicing and Pressed Juicery so I know it would make her very happy. Lisa and Emilie don’t do any of these types of things without each other and I am now drinking the juices my wife makes every morning so I’m on board to give this a shot, especially since winning will make the juice taste even sweeter.

    Mike | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  101. My best friend Emilie, her husband Mike and I want to win this cleanse!!! Emilie and I are always trying to improve our health through exercise and healthy eating and we love green juice! Even though we don’t see each other every day we are regularly cleanse buddies and text each other in support of the other person. Emilie just recently convinced her husband to drink juice for breakfast each morning so he would definitely cleanse with us if he had the opportunity. We would rock the cleanse and we would feel better and jump start our 2014 as the healthiest year yet!!

    lisa | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  102. Would love to win this!! My husband, Richie, and friend Carmin and I would love a chance for a 3 day cleanse! We all have food allergies and know rebooting with a cleanse would be an awesome start to the new year, and to start eating right. Thanks for putting this on!!

    Brandy | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  103. Ready, set, cleanse! I would absolutely love to win this cleanse for myself, my baby sis and my mom. We all live busy, busy lives and a three-day cleanse would be the perfect way to kickstart 2014. My sister (Brittney) is an advertising babe and she’s currently training for the LA marathon. My mom (Mary) is a school administrator, who spends her weekends hiking all around Southern California. And I’m a space geek working at NASA, plus a yoga and spin aficionado. Thanks for your consideration! 🙂

    Courtney O'Connor | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  104. It’s the remix to ignition
    Pressed juicery edition
    Mama cleansin’ that body
    got every pound on her slippin
    Sippin on citrus one
    I’m like I’ll go on a run
    It’s a freakin detox baby
    I’m about to have me some fun

    Can’t think of a better way to kick-off 2014 than with a Pressed Juicery cleanse with my mom, Mary, and sister, Courtney! Here’s to making every day the best!

    Brittney O'Connor | 01.07.2014 | Reply
    • I can’t think if a better way to kick off 2014 than a 3 day cleanse with my incredible daughters Courtney and Brittney! They constantly inspire me with how they balance their crazy careers with active healthy lifestyles!! Cleansing with them will hopefully be my jump start to a healthier and new me!!

      Mary | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  105. I just completed 6 months of treatment for breast cancer and am ready to flush out all the bad stuff and start fresh and cancer-free in2014 with my mom Blu and husband Sam. They have been an incredible support system and deserve a healthy start too!!!

    Darrien | 01.07.2014 | Reply
    • I would love to do a juice cleanse and support you baby! Let’s win it and do it!!!

    • Darrien has been on a journey we never expected. She has had many hills to climb. I admire her for her strength and determination get past this hurtle in her life. We are almost over the last step in the conventional form of treatment for breast cancer. I thank her team of Dr.’s for being so hands on with her.
      We are now ready to help her in the next step of cleansing of the toxins that the cancer and the treatments have ravaged her body.
      I will do whatever it takes to help you in your journey for health and happiness.

  106. I need to get back on track after the holidays and I have recruited my ever supportive husband Joe (he is always willing to try new healthy things) and my good friend Candice because we had a conversation about juicing the other day and this made me think of her! We are all trying to be healthier in the new year!

    Ginny | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  107. I will be participating with my wife Ginny and her friend Candice. Trying to find ways to be healthier is always a good thing.

  108. I’m excited to participate in a quality cleanse with my wife Lindsay and my good friend Melinda. Hopefully it will be a great introduction to a healthy alternative to body cleanses.

    Cory | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  109. So excited to try this with my friend! Heeeeere we goooo!

    meg rankin | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  110. this is exciting for me, cloda ogilve jones and ruth arellano. we love to be healthy and what better way to start the new year with a good healthy 3 day juicing with some friends. at least i know i won’t be fasting on my own 🙂

    Angelica | 01.07.2014 | Reply
    • Angelica is the most busy person I know. She’s in her third year of internship to become a School Psychologist to help children with disabilities. She has two boys and is always doing something fun and selfless with them. Ruth Arellano would also be a great support to help us stay true to cleansing. She is a lively and funny person as well. Neither of my friends have lots of extra time, so this would be a very special treat that we would remember forever. I am very excited that you are coming to Pasadena and in my own delusional way believe that my emails to come to our Farmers Market in Altadena started it all. Thanks for giving us a healthy way to reset for a more healthy 2014.

      Cloda | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  111. I am dying to try your cleanse! We are DYING!!! Honestly…It is the best way to kick off great eating habits! Keeping our fingers crossed we win ladies!! Janeth A and Cathy B! Let’s get this party started!!

    Trissa L | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  112. My juicing buddies and I are dying to try your juice! Trissa L and Cathy B can’t wait to start our health kick together!

    Janeth A | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  113. Hello all! I am so excited to be entering into this 3 Friends drawing! I have been following this company for quite some time now and would LOVE to do a full 3 day cleanse with Janeth A. and Trissa L.!! These girls are my buddies across the US in everything fitness and health related! We all three love the views and the ideal you guys promote from healthy lifestyles to getting involved in charities. Like everyone else, a detox this time of year would be fabulous, however we all know there are some crazy/bad ones out there. Winning your 3-day cleanse would be a dream come true (especially for this body). Fingers crossed girls!!

    Cathy Buschmeier | 01.07.2014 | Reply
    • You are amazing! Hope we get a chance to juice together!

      Trissa L | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  114. Careese K and Ariel J are two super smart and fun ladies that I want to hopefully inspire into leading more healthful lifestyles – I’m vegetarian and would like to encourage them to eat (and drink!) more greens, and I’ve juiced before and they haven’t – so that we can become closer in the new year – rejuvenate ourselves to cleanse well together, eat well together, and move forward in our lives as closer friends who care about each other in all aspects – emotionally and physiologically! Super excited to cleanse either way – if we don’t win, we’re most likely going to do it together anyway!

    Jennifer H | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  115. My sister, Patty is a health freak and been trying me and my other sister, Phine to do a cleanse together as cleansing buddies. I would love to be able to complete the pressed juice cleanse with my sisters and maybe start a tradition every year to do so as our new years resolution. Please pick us as my sister, Patty would be so grateful and happy for this incredible winning.

    Phung | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  116. Jennifer H, Ariel J, and I (Careese K) have been fans of Pressed Juicery for quite some time now and would be so ecstatic if we won this 3-day cleanse! All three of us live very different eating and drinking lifestyles (Jennifer being vegetarian and Ariel and me being the complete opposite), but one thing we all have in common is that we want to start the new year right and rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul! I have always wanted to do the 3-day cleanse but never felt like it was the right time or that I was strong enough to complete it on my own. But, I know with the support of my amazing friends (I will support them too of course), I will have the strength to detox successfully! I hope this cleanse will jumpstart a completely new and healthier lifestyle for us and maybe one day I can be a vegetarian like Jenn as well…maybe. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to become even more beautiful on the inside and out! So excited for this!

    Careese Kwok | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  117. My girls Lisa and Iva are just as crazy about bein healthy as I am. From Zumba class to 50 mi bike rides to P90X and yoga on the same day, we work so hard at getting the outside of our bodies looking fabulous, that I think we deserve a shot to be fabulous on the inside too (which, being a doctor, is very important to me). And although cleansing is not easy, the three of us will make a great support system and by day 4 (once the cleanse is over) we will all be even more fabulous and sexy strong women than we already are!

    Elora | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  118. I am joining this cleanse with two other fabulous ladies, Elora Roy and Iva Stanic. It’s amazing how I am connected to these fabulous women that are living in other states, as I went to college with Elora and our commitment to health keeps us motivating each other online through the use of social media. I am currently in a 6 year phd program to become a psychologist and I invest many hours in providing individuals with therapy to reinvigorate their lives. I am also spending countless hours working on myself mentally, but this has come at the sacrifice of my physical health. I am committed to becoming a better more fabulous me for myself and the people that I serve. I really want this juice cleanse to be a part of my detox, for mind, body and spirit. Elora has seen my posts on Facebook on my phd journey and she always reminds me that health is holistic; I cannot neglect my diet and exercise. Elora, Iva and I are committed cleansing our bodies from the inside out; mentally, physically and spiritually! We hope to begin 2014 with this cleanse.

    Lisa Haileab | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  119. I’m lucky to have the great support of my friends, Elora and Lisa, to better my healthy lifestyle. We support each others goals to maintain a balanced diet, use natural beauty products, and improve exercise routines by seeking new and better ways to increase our well being. We share best ways to prepare organic foods, recommend products free of harmful components, and motivate each other with big physical challenges like muliday bike rides and long workout programs. For us, this cleansing program will add another level of benefit to purify of bodies of toxins to promote health from within. Please consider us to complete our healthy lifestyle!

  120. @ Careese Kwok and Jennifer Hung

    We’ve always talked about doing something like this, but as college students it gets hard to include this into our budget. Food is something we should eat for nourishment rather than pure enjoyment. I think the best way to approach this new year is to begin with a clean start — which can be done through detox! We really want to learn how to fully flush through nasty toxins and waste in our bodies so that we can begin a lifestyle that I know Careese, Jennifer & I can live up to!

    Ariel Jao | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  121. I know, I know, another person with a New Year’s Resolution to live a healthier lifestyle. But if you pick me, I can be on my way (for real this time)! Of course I will be doing the cleanse with my niece, Mae Elias. Thanks in advance!!!

    Gina Rivera | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  122. I know, I know, another person with a New Year’s Resolution to live a healthier lifestyle. But if you pick me, I can be on my way (for real this time)! Of course I will be doing the cleanse with my nieces, Mae Elias and Lindsay Advincula. Thanks in advance!!!

    Gina Rivera | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  123. I want Mindy Kelly, Jodie Landau and I to win because we spend so much money at Pressed! I can’t start my day without a Greens 3 for breakfast. It would mean so much to win!!!!!!!

    Jamie Landau | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  124. I need to cleanse!!! I know how happy it would make my brother Jamie Landau and his girlfriend, Mindy Kelly to win! They turned me on to fresh juices and it’s the best. Please, I hope it’s us.

    Jodie Landau | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  125. I keep a very active lifestyle, but exercise is only half the battle. I can exercise on my own, but I also need to eat healthy and it can be sooo expensive! I have a Pressed Juicery right down the street from me. I go there so much that some of the employees even know my phone number for my Pressed ID! I got my boyfriend (Jamie Landau) going daily now and I even got his brother (Jodie Landau) hooked. Honestly, the holiday’s took a toll on my diet and I really need to get back in to the swing with a cleanse!!! I will cry in excitement if we win. Thanks! 🙂

    Mindy Kelly | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  126. Please pick Ashley, Abby and I because we could not be more excited to start the new year off right! We spent last Friday evening sharing out our new years plans and juice cleansing was on the list for all of us. We have made a pact to keep each other fit and eating healthy and our first check-in will be Valentine’s Day where we are going to compare our “before” pictures we took last week to how we are looking and feeling a month later. This juice cleanse is just what we need to keep the moment going! Help us look and feel great while saving us some cash we can put towards paying off our student loans 🙂

  127. As a law student swimming in an enormous amount of debt and stress, it would be incredible to start 2014 on the right foot by taking care of myself physically! I have my two main squeezes, Bri Espino and Ashley Eustis, who are ready to jump on board with me! PICK US AND WE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT.

    Abby Mulvihill | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  128. I’ve got champagne taste on a beer budget….or as I like to say I’ve got Pressed Juicery taste on a water and lemon budget. Abby, Bri and I won’t let student loans or poverty level salaries get in the way of making 2014 our fittest and healthiest year ever. And I KNOW that Bri will need the Pressed Juicery cleanse to get her through the 108 day Ultimate Yogi series, and that Abby could use a Pressed Juicery cleanse to get her through her second semester of law school and I definitely need the Pressed Juicery cleanse to help me turn a few leaves this year (I have a whole tree of them). Help us on our journey to making 2014 the healthiest, fittest, positive year yet! 🙂

    Ashley Eustis | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  129. My sister Josie, her best friend Paige and I are crazy about cleansing! We are using 2014 to become even healthier than we already are and this win would just help us continue down that path! Here’s to being healthy and happy!!!

    Sarah Cessna | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  130. I would love to win and cleanse with my friends Richie and brandy!! Thanks for the opportunity! I love cleansing and detoxing and am dying to try these juices. Thanks!

    Carmin | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  131. My wife, myself, and our friend Carmin would be thrilled to win this! My wife and I have been scouting out this cleanse and it would be fantastic to win! I am an avid runner and know that a detox cleanse would be a great way to start out the new year and help motivate me to reach my personal goals. We are all looking for ways to be healthier and what better way than this! (Fingers crossed). Thanks!

    Richie | 01.08.2014 | Reply

    The Chalkboard | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  133. Have the winners been announced?

    Katie | 01.10.2014 | Reply
  134. Any winners yet!??? *fingers crossed! *

    Janeth A | 01.12.2014 | Reply
  135. I love pressed and have done the three day cleanse before with outstanding results. This tine around I want my girlfriend to get involved and embrace juicing like I have. I want her to have the satisfaction of accomplishment after 3 days of discipline and doubt. I want her to understand that this simple practice is a dietary adjustment to everyday eating habits that cannot be simply broken in 3 days but will require a lifestyle change to fully enjoy the health benefits of juicing. The two others in my crew will be Emilie my girlfriend and her mother Alice.

    Tommy davis | 02.05.2014 | Reply
  136. me and my friends would absoloutetly love to win these juices, one of them (josie) has a high colestoral and my other amazing friend (milly) has had diabetes all her life, im just looking to change my bad habits! we are at our first years of university and therefore money is inevitably running low! eating healthy is a huge expense but we wish to live happier healthier lifestyles…. totally love this site, fingers crossed!!! xx

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