The 3 Friend Cleanse: Win Our Huge Pressed Juicery Cleanse Giveaway!

When it comes to getting healthy, there’s nothing like the buddy system. Whether you’re challenging yourself to quit a bad habit or start a new routine, we all get by with a little help from our friends. There’s one thing we know for certain: there is no better time to enlist your own personal cheering squad than when embarking on a juice cleanse. It can take a team effort to avoid the lingering edible stocking-stuffers and, the truth is, the buddy system makes the entire experience a whole lot more fun.

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth cleanse, everyone can use the support of a friend – or two! In our biggest giveaway of the year (up to a $600 value!), we’ll be providing you and two of your favorite juice-crazy pals with 3 days of Pressed Juicery’s most popular cleanse, filled with nourishing Greens, grounding Roots, detoxifying Citrus, and the often-imitated, never-duplicated Almond Milk, to start your year off like never before!

Mouth watering yet? Ours, too. We only give away this much juice once a year, so start rounding up your cleansing crew ASAP! Here’s how to enter…

The Pressed Juicery 3 Friend Cleanse Giveaway


Each of three friends will receive a 3-day juice cleanse by Pressed Juicery complete with 6 of our most popular juices and 2 h2os. Each 3-day cleanse will be arranged for shipment, delivery or for pick-up at a Pressed Juicery location once we’ve determined each juicing buddy’s locale (cleanses can be sent inside the continental U.S. only).


Get on the horn and invite two of your best juicing pals to get in on the fun!  Choose anyone you like: your health-conscious BFF, your spin instructor, your sister and mom – or your roommate who thinks nachos are their own food group and could use the greens more than anyone. Whoever you have in mind, get them on board and get ready to go green!


Each of the three cleanse buddies must leave their own comment below. In your comment, tell us why you want to win and mention both of your cleansing buddies by name so we can be sure to spot your crew! 

STEP 3: sign-up FOR the chalkboard NEWSLETTER

Each juicing buddy must sign up for The Chalkboard newsletter (pfft -as if you don’t subscribe already). Incidentally, signing up for our newsletter also gets you 10% off your next Pressed Juicery order. Win, win!


Sit back, relax, check out our pre-cleansing tips and keep your eyes peeled for the winning announcement: this giveaway will close January 8, 2014 at 5 p.m. P.S.T. 

Congrats in advance to our winners! For the rest of us, Pressed Juicery is offering a New Year’s offer like no other: pick up the cleanse at Pressed Juicery locations for just $39 a day or order the 3 Day Cleanse online for just $149 til January 10! 

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