3 Days In January: Join Wanderlust’s Ultimate Yoga Soulful Celebration

How serious are you about all that ‘New Year’s resolution’ jazz? Some of us shift gears hard, going straight from Christmas cookies to green juice, others save the resolutions for the summer, and others still keep even keel all through out the year. No matter your normal preference each January, we’re loving the idea of Wanderlust Hollywood’s first three-day yoga intensive, er, soulful celebration. Called Renew U, this total immersion experience gathers the resolute with local experts and leaders we love for a total yoga, nutrition and meditation free-for-all. Here is everything you need to know…

January One | The Wanderlust team isn’t joking around. Start the year off right on New Year’s Day. Consider how it may feel to start the year right, right from the get go – on the mat, sweating it out, and welcoming a brand new year in vibrant health. Consider the potential alternatives which include sleeping off New Year’s Eve – complete with hangover.

reflection | The whole affair starts with two hours of reflection and meditation, plus live music and movement with Christi Christensen. The day splits off into multiple sessions with yogis and thought leaders, from super-charged meditations and Ecstatic Breathwork experiences to asana garlands and dance with DJ Sol Rising.

Celebration | The evening of the first night includes a celebration with Wanderlust’s top yogis – good eats and vision boards included. We’re a little excited about how they’re going to pull together the vision board session!

yoga | Day two rolls out with nutrition classes, movement therapy, sound bath – and a yoga marathon. This long stretch of invigorating, reflective yoga is at the heart of the the whole event.

mantras | The final day includes chanting, more yoga, self-massage and more reflection. If you’re looking for the ultimate way to start 2016 wide awake, this may be it.

How to book Renew U:

Here are all the deets. Renew U starts January 1 through January 3 and is meant to be experienced start to finish. Not into the full three days worth of events? Pick and choose – just the yoga marathon on day two or just three special classes. The full experience can be booked here (there are options for members and non-members,) and prices range from $30-275.

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