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3 Crave-Worthy Versions of Our Favorite Acai Bowls
Sliced Fruit+Hemp Hearts Acai Bowl

1 Sambazon Original Smoothie Pack
1 Sambazon Unsweetened Smoothie Pack
1/2 peach, nectarine, persimmon or plum
Handful of blueberries
Toppings: hemp hearts, unsweetened coconut, bee pollen

Add half the fruit to your blender. Reserve the rest to top off your bowl. Add acai to the blender on top of fruit and blend until uniform consistency and color (add water if needed). Scoop your açaí mixture into a favorite bowl, top with remaining fruit and additional toppings!



3 Crave-Worthy Versions of Our Favorite Acai Bowls

Acai bowls are the new ice cream sundae: pile the chilly scoops high and top with everything under the sun! We can’t get enough of this tart, not-to-sweet berry straight from the Amazon and packed with antioxidants. This is one trend we hope it here to stay!

We love our acai bowls with yogurt, frozen bananas and crunchy granola, but there is a variation for everyone. The perfect snack for window-shopping and post-workout mini-dates, acai bowls pack more antioxidant power than grapes or even blueberries. We asked Sambazon to share their favorite recipes for mixing up these berry sundaes at home!

Editor’s tip: No matter what bowl you decide to create, run the smoothie packs under water for 5 -10 seconds to thaw slightly, then break the packs into chunks for blending ease!

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