Get A Glimpse Inside This Epic LA Marathon Recovery Pop-Up

Once the hard work is over, the healing can begin. Crushing a marathon is a major accomplishment and deserves the best kind of self-care. Following the 2019 Los Angeles Marathon, which kicks off this Sunday, March 24th, Lululemon is hosting the ultimate mind-body recovery experience — and it looks legit.

Made for LA Marathon finishers and local wellness nerds alike, RCVR by Lululemon is an immersive recovery pop up. From March 25- March 27 at PLATFORM, Culver City’s beautifully curated new shopping center, the pop-up will offer access to a range of recovery modalities, including cryotherapy, hot stone massages, meditations and even a virtual reality breathwork class. Reserve your spot (for free!) here.

Lately, we’ve been focused on the importance of recovery when it comes to reaching our fitness goals, and this list covers all the bases — mind and body. If you’re used to going all out with your workouts, taking time to maximize recovery might feel like an extra step, but it’s a necessary one. Whether you’re marathoning this weekend or just seeking inspiration for new ways to treat yourself well, you’ve got to check out this list of powerful, holistic recovery modalities…

marathon recovery theragunTheragun | This recovery tool is one of our new favorites, and they’ll be offering sessions with it at the recovery pop-up. The high-frequency, high-amplitude neuromuscular percussive therapy device provides muscle activation, recovery, and pain relief. Think of it as a super-powered personal massage that doesn’t just punch down on muscles, but actually helps release tension in a totally tangible way.

Breathwork |  Your breath can be a powerful healing tool if you know how to use it. At the pop-up, Lululemon will be hosting a variety of breathwork experiences. We’ve got our eyes on the session led by Reis Paluso, an official instructor of the Wim Hof Method which teaches powerful, science-backed breathing exercises that help you take control of your body and relieve stress.

Virtual Reality | Lululemon is rolling out a brand new piece of wellness tech called EMBODY Relax, and we can’t wait to give it a whirl. The virtual reality breathwork experience is grounded in the breath, driven by your heart rate and designed to provide a moment of recovery in your day through vibrant, beautiful visuals that help you get into a deep state of calm.

Yoga + Meditation | There’s noting like a good, long stretch after a strenuous workout. Yoga helps us increase flexibility and improve alignment. Guided meditation is a perfect mindful pairing to help anchor that sense of relaxation and calm. Lululemon ambassadors will be teaching yoga and meditation classes throughout the pop-up to help you unwind.marathon recovery dosistCannabis for Recovery| Yes, you read that right. Dosist, the makers of the cute portion-controlled cannabis vapes above, will be offering a talk with a neuroscientist about the science behind cannabis for recovery. Learn all about your body’s endocannabinoid system, and why cannabis works so well for helping our bodies heal, here.

Mobility Class | Hosted by Evolution Physical Therapy, this class addresses the mechanics of movement to help prevent injury and improve athletic performance.

marathon recovery saje essential oilsEssential Oils | Wellness brand SAJE will be offering a sampling of essential oils to help with recovery. Essential oils can have a profound impact on the way our bodies work and can help bring you back to a state of balance. Learn all about the potent mind-body effects of essential oils here.

Vitamin Shots + IV | Intense workouts, like running a marathon, can be majorly depleting. A vitamin shot or IV can deliver necessary nutrients right into the bloodstream and can help bring your body back to equilibrium quickly so it’s able to heal efficiently. LA local go-to, Drip Doctors, will be offering vitamin shots and more to help boost energy, immunity and balance. Learn all about the benefits here.
marathon recovery infrared saunaInfrared Sauna| There is nothing better than hopping into a hot sauna when you’re muscles need a break. Infrared lights penetrate deep into our muscles to help us sweat, relax and repair. The benefits of an infrared sauna include reduced pain, improved circulation and deep detox. Hot Box Sauna is setting up shop for the pop-up — learn more about the benefits of infrared saunas here.
marathon recovery cryotherapyCryotherapy | Cryo Cafe LA will be offering sessions at the pop-up. Cryotherapy, sometimes known as cold therapy, is the localized use of super-low temperatures for just a few minutes to reduce inflammation and help soothe sore muscles. Cryotherapy is an athlete’s best friend for treating tissue lesions, including microtears that are common after strenuous workouts.

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