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    There’s no time for DIY like these cozy, cool months. But we don’t actually want to clutter our lives with questionable Pinterest projects. Instead, we’re getting crafty in the kitchen with the food projects below, as fun to make as they are to munch on.

    A few of the ideas here are actually practical for everyday life – think homemade kombucha and hemp milk to show that grocery bill who’s boss. Others will add a special touch to a night in with friends, like floral-infused cocktail syrups and superfood chocolates to accompany. The rest of these food projects, from tigernut bread to naturally rainbow-ified pasta, are simply entertaining to attempt, and rewarding no matter how the end result looks (can’t say the same for that spray-painted thing).

    Next time you find yourself homebound and bored, pluck some inspo from our list of food projects below, and let us know what you’re making!

    Homemade Goat Cheese

    Making goat cheese might sound fancy, but it’s actually quite simple. Dress it up with herbs and spices, dried flowers and honey, or keep it plain. Whichever way you go, there are a million ways to enjoy the final product – but best with friends who are very, very impressed. MAKE IT NOW

    Raw Superfood Chocolate Bars

    Cozy nights and chocolate bars are a match made in heaven. This superfood confection is made with all raw, plant-based ingredients, and gets its sweetness from honey rather than sugar. Play around with with flavor pairings, indluge and feel good about it. MAKE IT NOW

    Homemade Rainbow Pasta

    We’re suckers for rainbow food, but food coloring is some of the most toxic stuff out there. Learn how to dye your dough with plants – not paints – and crank out some fresh noodles for the prettiest pasta feast ever. MAKE IT NOW

    Herb Infused Wine

    Add a little extra wellness to your wine night-in. Infusing wine with therapeutic herbs supercharges it with medicinal benefits and adds a layer of flavor complexity. It’s also probably the easiest DIY that’s ever existed. MAKE IT NOW

    Fermented Veggies

    Fermented foods are key to a happy gut and vibrant health. They’re also surprisingly easy to make. This versitile DIY is a fun way to make the most of farmers market finds and – let’s be real – they look really pretty packed in jars. MAKE IT NOW

    Homemade Greek Yogurt

    We love the stuff for its health benefits, but hste that we have to re-purchace so often. Making it at home takea a bit of time, but is so simple it’s more than worth it. MAKE IT NOW

    Floral Syrups for Cocktails

    With all at at-home gatherings happening this time of year, we’re looking to take our home bar to the next level. These floral-infused syrups not only look gorgeous alongside a few bottles of sparkling rosé, but they’re delicious to boot. MAKE IT NOW

    Ginger Kombucha

    Another wellness fridge staple with health benefits galore, but at five or six buck a bottle, sipping on it as often as we want can cost a pretty penny. Making it at home only requires a few ingrediens and results in a big batch you can customize and sip on for weeks. MAKE IT NOW

    Homemade Hemp Milk

    Jazz up smoothies and lattes with homemade hemp milk, a cheap and easy dairy substitute and hands-on DIY. If you have a little time to kill, this recipe will reward you all week. MAKE IT NOW

    Superfood Snowcones

    Wishing for a snowy winter’s eve? Make your own! These hydrating snow cones are not your average frosty snack: Healing herbs and superfood ingredients add natural color, bright flavor and real nourishment. MAKE IT NOW

    Fruit + Herb Infused Water

    Hydrating is important, but water can be, well, boring. Spruce up your h2o with fresh fruits, herbs and natural flavors. Bring a bottle to the gym, set out a pretty carafe when guests are over, or just stock up in the fridge and enjoy yourself. The flavor combos are endless! MAKE IT NOW


    You don’t need a green thumb to grow something from scratch. This DIY may take a few days, but the end result will make you a proud plant mama. Pop these nourishing little nuggets into salads, sandwiches or the like – your belly will thank you. MAKE IT NOW

    Tigernut Turmeric Bread

    A perfect recipe for challenge-thurty bakers. We love the superfood ingedients and hands-on process. What we love even more is slicing the final product into toasts and getting creative with the toppings. MAKE IT NOW

    DIY Water Kefir Soda

    Gut health is all the rage these days. This probiotic pop is beneficial for the belly, and infinity times healthier than a soda. MAKE IT NOW

    Homemade Ricotta

    A DIY that’s too easy not to. Use your homemade cheese to top salads, or mix in other ingredients to create a snazzy crostini topping that will blow the mind of your dinner guests. MAKE IT NOW

    Root Veggie Chips

    Give yourself an excuse to eat more veggies with this versitile projet. Any root will do. Make a rainbow of chips and enjoy them as a healthy snack all week. MAKE IT NOW

    Homemade Seed Crackers

    Add a special touch to any cheese board, or boost the nutrition factor of your hummus vessel with these protein-packed seed crackers. MAKE IT NOW

    DIY Fruit Juice Jellies

    Grab a green juice and make these jellies for a naturally sweet treat rich in vitamins, minerals and fruity goodness. MAKE IT NOW

    Bone Broth

    Bone broth is one of those healing foods that we just can’t get enough of. Rather than splurging on a pre made batch, make your own! Control what goes in and be proud of what comes out. MAKE IT NOW

    Tacos From Scratch

    Take taco night to the next level with authentic masa tortillas and a veggie filling you can feel good about eating. MAKE IT NOW

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