The Gross Reason We May Never Eat Shrimp Again

During the holidays, we’re about moderation, not avoidance. But one creepy email headline later and we we may be avoiding this classic holiday party staple for good.

Shrimp – as in cocktails, skewers and every other festive favorite – is on functional medicine master, Dr. Josh Axe’s short, but clear “never list.”

We recently read his illuminating – and disgusting – article all about shrimp and how it is prepared and quickly shared it around the office to everyone’s dismay. According to Dr. Axe, shrimp, the most commonly consumed seafood in the United states, can be linked to neurological damage, infection, allergies and illness.

Here are a few of the gross article’s horrifying highlights: The FDA only inspects about 2% of imported seafood, and 90% of the shrimp we have in the US is imported. Many shrimp farms are run under such poor conditions that farmers are required to flood their product with antibiotics and pesticides – though shrimp can develop resistance to these and still become contaminated with life-threatening illnesses like E. coli. The anti-fungal chemical used on shrimp eggs is connected to disease as well.

What do think? Are these facts about shrimp nutrition and farming something to take seriously? Read though Dr. Axe’s article and let us know in the comments below!

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