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12 For 12: NYE Beauty Picks For Midnight And Beyond
Smile Bright: NovaWhite NovaNow Whitening Pen

If you want to look your best and brightest - whether in sequins on New Year's Eve or in breakfast PJ's on New Year's Day, a white smile will get you half way there. This uber-convenient pen from NovaWhite is designed for people with sensitive teeth. The formula is gentle, cruelty-free and quite pure. Throw it in an evening clutch and use it to erase a night's worth of stains.

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12 For 12: NYE Beauty Picks For Midnight And Beyond

Getting gorgeous for New Year’s Eve is sometimes a precursor to a not-so-pretty New Year’s Day. One glass of biodynamic champagne at the strike of midnight can easily become two… and the results of those first few hours of 2014 can leave you with a look that is less than alluring. Between these all-natural shimmering goodies, hair-saving rescue products and a.m. skin recovery ideas – we’ve got you covered. Here’s to a glowing new year!

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