A Naturally Modern Nursery with Lay Baby Lay
Whether you celebrated Mother’s Day for the first time this year or plan on it next year, we have a few inspirational nursery ideas just for you!  Joni of the ever adorable mom and baby blog laybabylay has made this swoon-worthy inspiration board just for Chalkboard readers.  We are obsessed with Joni’s stylish and unique ideas for the nursery!  Check out her other style and inspiration boards here.
(1)  Howl Owl Lantern
(2)  Turning Spindle Pendant Light
(3)  Chevron Art Print
(4)  Summers End Photo
(5)  Mountain Photo
(6)  Glitter Block Letters
(7)  Peach Rose Postcard
(8)  Home Is Art Poster
(9)  Pink Vintage Polaroid Camera
(10)  Gold Sculpture Lamp
(11) Gold & White Chevron Tray
(12) Honey Wood Slat Crib
(13) Vintage Peach Books
(14) Sweep Armchair
(15) Triangle Graphic Pillow Covers
(16) Peach Ombre Dresser
(17) Flokati Rug
(18) Howl Print
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  1. Beautiful room…I came over to see the details for #5 but in doesn’t appear to be listed…any info on its origins?

    Allie | 05.16.2012 | Reply
  2. Allie, Number 5 is an original 1895 Steel Engraving of Mount Shasta in California. There is a link where you will find all the information below the board where it reads “(5) Mountain Photo”. I am glad you like it!

    Maria Sigillito | 05.20.2012 | Reply
  3. Hi… thanks so much to Joni for including my rose postcard in this lovely board. It sold in my Etsy shop the next day!

  4. The ombre dresser is a great inspiration for all kind of DIY projects! Many thanks!

    Adrienn | 06.29.2012 | Reply

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