Wedding season is in full swing. And we’re celebrating all the gorgeous, romantic goodness going on with the stylish women behind 100 Layer Cake. Planning a wedding can be incredibly hectic, but we love ideas like the below that make preparing fun. These chic floral pins are stylish, sustainable and just strange enough to feel truly special. Follow along with the 100 Layer ladies as they walk us through this gorgeous DIY…

The nice thing about making boutonnieres (or really anything) with dried flowers is that you can absolutely create them a few weeks before your event and they will look just as beautiful on the day you’re ready to use them. It should also be said that boutonnieres aren’t only for weddings. They are lovely little gifts to welcome guests to bridal showers, dinner parties, or anything other festive event you’re planning this season.

They really couldn’t be simpler to assemble. Try a few first to get a sense of how the flowers fit together and then go for it! The combinations of flowers are endless. It’s the perfect project to tackle on the couch while you watch a movie.

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DIY boutonnieres with dried flowers


Dried flowers (available at craft stores and flower markets. You can also dry your own, if you’re an overachiever.)
Floral wire


We usually start with a larger “hero” flower that you can build your little moment around. We love straw flowers and seed pods for this, as they tend to be larger than many dried options. Plus strawflowers are amazing, so there’s that.

After you’ve chosen your main flower, add something tall and feathery to the back, and maybe one of two smaller scale bits to the front. You can also sneak in a bit of eucalyptus or cedar or another fresh plant that will dry nicely.

Clip a piece of floral wire into a 4-5” piece. Hold the arrangement in your fingers as you’d like it to remain and tightly wrap the stems together.

To cover the wire, knot a piece of pretty ribbon around the stems to finish.

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