SoulCycle is like a concert or dance party on a bike, so it’s only natural that we consider their instructors rockstars in and of themselves!

This month, we’re celebrating all things SoulCycle as our Guest Editors, SoulCycle founders Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice take the TCM wheel. We’re shining a spotlight on the superstar teachers that turn each 45-minute class into a can’t-miss experience.

First up is our girl Pixie Acia, one of the top instructors on the West Coast. This Senior Instructor is about way more than getting a good sweat in: she turns each sold-out ride into a practice in self-realization. Down-to-earth and authentic to the core, her rides are no-nonsense, kick-ass and electrically eclectic. Her latest playlists include the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Eminim, Lauryn Hill, Depeche Mode, and Tupac. What we love most about Pixie is how she’s inclusive, not exclusive. Whether you’re a Soul newbie or a seasoned vet, everyone is treated as an integral part of the tribe. Here’s how Pixie inspires riders across L.A. to live their lives with a little more soul, in and out of the studio:

Class in session with SoulCycle Instructor Pixie Acia


SoulCycle WeHo, Beverly Hills, Hollywood.

My specialty:

The perfect blend between fitness trainer and motivational life coach.

Favorite class to teach:

They’re all my favorite!

Favorite class to take:

Training Mate/Brick BX Class with Alli Cohen at Barry’s Bootcamp. SoulCycle, West Coast – Angela Davis. Soul Cycle East Coast – Janet.

Moment I fell in love with fitness:

I was too young to remember – I have been an athlete my whole life!

When you leave my class you feel:

High on sweat, loved by the community and like you can take over the world

My secret weapon:

My nurturing nature.

Go-to workout gear:

Heroes Project snapback and Jumbo’s Clown Room snapback, Nike cross-trainer shoes, Lululemon sports bra, SoulCycle pants and a cut-up tank/tee.

In my gym bag:

Christian Dior Addict perfume, a wet brush, a cut-up bandana, a Quest Bar and a meal from KleanLA.

Favorite workout move:

Double back double press!

Biggest inspiration:

First-time riders.

When I'm not in the studio, I'm...

Riding my motorcycle, with my dog, at the beach or working out.

Favorite post-workout fuel:

KleanLA salad or acai bowl.

Favorite way to hydrate:

Electrolyte water or coconut water.

Favorite quick workout outside the studio:

Tabata-style cross training.

Latest healthy obsession:

Support supplements – liver, adrenal, kidney support supplements – and alphabiotic alignments.

Current mantra:

You are everything you ever created.

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