From Holland To Mexico: 10 Lessons Learned With Yogi Tara Stiles

We’ve all gota little rebel in us. It’s one of the reasons we’re so down with our October guest editor  – Tara Stiles isn’t your typical yogi. Known for her irreverent approach to, well, just about everything, Tara forges her own path. When she’s not making her own rules in the kitchen (watch our video here), or practicing yoga with Deepak Chopra in NYC, she can be found circling the globe spreading her own expression of yoga – and learning a few things along the way.

We asked Tara to fill us in a few of the lessons she’s loved best, having met so many yogis from around the world. Here are her rapid-fire answers…

1 | No matter our differences, background or age, our real desires are the same
I have the pleasure of traveling a ton for events, classes and Strala openings. One of the most touching lessons and reminders is no matter how different we think we are based on where we live, our lifestyle, background or age, our deepest desire of wanting to feel great, live well, love and be loved, are all the same. Knowing this truth breaks down walls of differences and allows connection to flow easily.

2| Each culture has something special and useful that we can apply to our own LIves
I love spending time surrounded by people from different places and backgrounds. We can learn a lot and improve our own lives by adopting great habits we don’t necessarily have in our home culture.

From Asia I have learned soup and veggies for breakfast is an amazing way to start the day. From France, I have soaked up the appreciation for finding beauty everywhere, even when I’m not in Paris. From the Dutch I have learned to appreciate life and realize control isn’t the only way to achieve order. From Mexico, I have learned to live in vivid color and put hot sauce on everything. I could go on all day, but I’ll save you my world tour. The point is, the more people we are able to meet from different parts of the world, the more we can grow and enrich our own lives by appreciating our exciting differences.

3 | We all have different goals
Whether it’s to raise an amazing family, build a business, or fully enjoy the gift of life, we are all here with different goals, and those differences are exciting to share.

4 | Everyone loves hugs
Hugs are the best icebreaker and easiest way ever to make new friends and greet old friends.

5 | Inspiration is everywhere
Every city I’ve seen around the world is fascinating in some way. From nature, to locals, to art, to food, every moment is full of inspiration as long as you open your eyes.

6 | Sharing is healing
I have the pleasure of hearing a lot of people’s personal stories of overcoming trauma, personal growth, and dealing with hardships in their lives. Sharing our stories helps us heal, grow and connect.

7 | Intentions Put us in Our Flow.
Opportunities present themselves to us each day to choose between helping others or building an air of proving how great we think we are or want to be. When we choose helping, we drift into an awesome flow that supports service and joy.

8 | Good food leads to Good Moods

Each culture has fantastic local foods that are natural, healthy, celebratory and fresh. When we choose to eat natural and fresh daily, our mood improves a ton, and we have great energy to go about our day and shine bright!

9 | We are all connected
Whether it’s through location, family, friends, a love of healthy eating, mindful practice, or hugs, we are all connected. When we choose to see each other with joy, respect and wonder, we are in the natural flow of our awesome life.

10 | Yoga is the 5th element
Ever since I was little, I knew we all had a natural ability to tap in, quiet down and listen to our intuition, which points us in the right direction in our lives. The practice of yoga and meditation is for everyone, because it is naturally inside us already. We simply have to choose to practice to get the goods. Whether practicing alone, in a group, or online, the good stuff lives vibrantly inside of you, and connects us all together.

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