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  • TCM Cookbook Round-Up

    See our list of top cookbooks. The Sprouted Kitchen includes over 100 of Sara's fresh whole foods-style favorites from her ever-popular blog Sprouted Kitchen. Buy now or read the entire list here!

  • How To Do The Perfect Lunge In 3 Steps

    THE LUNGE is a fitness staple – and for good reason. Even the most elite of athletes do not dare knock the lunge: not only does a set of lunges strengthen your legs and shape your backside, this single exercise works the hips, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and abs all at once. When done properly, lunges will challenge your stability and improve your posture. Talk about multitasking!

    We truly believe that it is the small changes that make the biggest differences – whether it be in your diet, fitness, or even just mindset. Read on about how to perform the perfect lunge here, and watch your body start to transform!

  • How To Achieve The Most Kissable Lip

    Yearning to take your Valentine's Day look up a notch? The perfect pout is in the details! Celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno shared her tips for creating a soft pink lip perfect for February 14th - or any day of the year you're feeling especially lovely.

    Get Katey's swoon-worthy look here!

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