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Scaly isn’t sexy. The winter season puts our poor dermis up against a lot. From about November to February, if it’s the dry, windy air outside and the heat – or your co-worker’s space heater – blasting inside.

While you can’t change the conditions, you can upgrade your self-care routine to counter all that dehydration. A well-rounded PM to AM self-care routine can turn things around in a flash.

We’ve come up with a very simple before bed and upon waking skincare routine that make a huge impact on our dry winter skin.

Two products make all the difference: an overnight mask and a super-rich, but natural skin cream for first thing in the morning. One minimalist line we’re loving for winter skin survival is Z Natural Life — a clean skincare company, founded by husband and wife team Bill and Liz Ziske, that believes in the power of high performance plants and a sustainable, balanced lifestyle.

Here’s the routing that’ll work while you sleep and start your day on the right foot. It’s fast and easy and brings big results…

How To Save Your Winter Skin


Get a humidifier for your bedroom | One TCM team member swears it’s transformed their winter skin from crepey and broken out to even and hydrated in one week! Get in the habit of throwing this on when you turn up right before you get into bed — you’ll start seeing results after just a night or two. Adding a bit more moisture to the air will have a positive impact on your skin. CHECK OUT


Wear an overnight mask | Overnight masks are an amazing way to deeply hydrate skin while you sleep. This one from clean Korean skincare brand, Glow Recipe, absorbs quickly and deeply. Manuka honey and avocado are the star ingredients, deeply healing and hydrating skin while you sleep. Wash it off in the morning and admire your soft, smooth skin. CHECK OUT

Upgrade to a richer cream |Starting the day with a protective layer of a deeply nourishing cream can be a game changer on the skincare front. This potent cream by Z Natural Life is packed with a mix of healing ingredients like sweet almond oil, cassava extract, rosehip oil, evening primrose oil, sea buckthorn oil and sodium hyaluronate (a version of hyaluronic acid).

This nourishing cream packs a punch as it firms and plumps, minimizing the look of little lines and demolishes dry, winter skin woes. Formulated with smoothing peptides and plenty of plants, this essential addition to your morning skincare routine will bring life right back into hard-hit winter skin. CHECK OUT

Wake up to celery juice |There’s a reason it’s trending. Not only is celery high in vitamins and minerals, but it is anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and gut-friendly. Waking up to a full glass of the good stuff will feed your body — and your face — with the right kind of nourishment. Cut the coffee and discover why you should be sipping this unconventional green juice every morning to help save your winter skin. LEARN MORE

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