Your Signature Scent: The 5 Best Natural Perfumes

Last week, we told you all about the toxic ingredients commonly found in perfumes that just plain stink, but don’t think we’ve left you high and dry when it comes to picking a scent that smells great and is actually good for you. There are so many amazing, all-natural options on the market—and at every price point!—that we couldn’t wait to share a few of our favorite fragrances. These perfumers offer up unique and enchanting blends of natural, organic and even therapeutic-grade ingredients so you can find your signature scent without compromising your health!

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  1. I love Vamp à NY !!!!!!

    LAUREN | 02.21.2012 | Reply
  2. Cool article! One point of contention though….My wife is a natural perfumer and I’ve learned a little about perfume from her. One of her peeves (and I’ve seen this trend in opinion more and more with natural perfumers) is when a “not-so-natural” is credited as a natural perfume. I’m pretty sure Pacifica uses fragrance oils (and consequently petro-chemicals) in their perfumes. This is not really natural and their marketing is pretty misleading. Other than that, I appreciate your focus on natural perfumes.

    Daniel | 02.21.2012 | Reply
    • Totally agree Daniel – I am a natural perfumer and find there are so many brands that market as ‘natural’ when they aren’t. Pacifica does use fragrance oils yet they are one of the brands who are often touted as ‘natural’.

      Sally | 03.07.2012 | Reply
  3. interesting stuff. thank you

    celia | 02.22.2012 | Reply
  4. I agree concerning Pacifica once I saw this post because I sort of was tricked into purchasing their products from my local Earth Fare because they are all touted as “natural” but there are some pretty suspect ingredients in most of their products.

    Audreiana from True Beauty By Nature | 10.28.2012 | Reply
  5. If you love natural perfume, perhaps you would like a sample of Sarabecca Natural Perfume. Please let us know if you would like a free sample. You can learn more about us at Sarabecca.com.

    Ken Grand | 08.13.2013 | Reply
  6. will love to try natural perfmes because i am so allergic to the others

    grace wanjiku mbugua | 08.29.2013 | Reply
  7. As a natural perfumer I’ve trained my nose to identify notes in a perfume and can easily distinguish the presence of synthetic aroma chemicals. Pacifica uses a combination of essential oils and synths which is reflected in their price points and the quality of their fragrances. I’m not judging their palette, simply hoping to shed light on what seems to be a common practice. Simply put, there is no “authentic French lilac” extraction in existence. It is an accord most likely made with synthetics. Also, it’s an insult to call SIPerfumes ingredients “perfume oils”. They are botanical extractions (a perfume oil is generally regarded as a composition). And by the way, even natural extractions contain chemicals. Rose otto has upwards of 400 naturally occurring chemical constituents. On the whole, it’s great to see a growing appreciation for the art of natural perfumery.

    Maggie Mahboubian | 09.04.2013 | Reply
    • “And by the way, even natural extractions contain chemicals. Rose otto has upwards of 400 naturally occurring chemical constituents. ”

      Um…. naturally occurring chemical compounds are not the same as the toxic man-made petro chemicals that are in most perfumes. That’s what people are trying to get away from, they are far less likely to have respiratory issues. I use unscented, free and clear stuff when I can but I’d like a truly natural sprayable perfume, not just a roll on of essential oils..

      Maya | 01.22.2014 | Reply
  8. Another natural option (certified!): the sublime solids from Drift Perfume (www.driftperfume.com). You can try samples before committing to their full sizes (which come in gorgeous wooden boxes). My favorite so far is Aspens 🙂

    Maren | 02.07.2014 | Reply
  9. It’s great to see so much interest in natural perfumes now!

    I’d like to also mention my own line – Esscentual Alchemy

    I’m a classically trained opera singer turned natural perfumer. There are many similarities between composition of music and perfume. I like to say: “I compose music for your nose.” 🙂

    Amanda | 05.19.2014 | Reply
  10. We are sad that you did not mention Sarabecca Natural Perfume. Check us out at Sarabecca.com.

  11. One more to throw in the mix, is Stephanie K. Really lovely scents. They are oil based so not sprayable, but they are all natural.

    Anna | 06.09.2015 | Reply
  12. just finding this article and i will be trying sarabecca and many of the others.

    ming vazquez | 08.31.2017 | Reply

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