Tata Harper’s Adorable Cure-All Plus A Gorgeous Giveaway

MAYBE WE’RE ALONE ON THIS ONE. Perhaps we’re the only ones who have accidentally followed up our morning coffee run with double espresso at lunch.  Or felt those curious, less-than-patient emotions when stuck in some unexpected cross-town traffic. Perhaps, dear reader, you have never made the mid-shower discovery that your beloved roommate has used the last of your fancy (read: expensive!) organic shampoo.

Possibly, you cannot relate at all – but we seriously doubt that.  And what emotion is almost always a byproduct of these unplanned, unwelcomed events?

It is that honey badger of all emotions: irritability.

Thankfully, one of our favorite brands has come up with an irritability cure-all that uses special aromatherapy treatment to bring you instant relief: Tata Harper’s Aromatic Irritability Treatment!

This adorable little aromatic roller-ball is, frankly, calming just by being present: it’s packaging is recycled, which gives us great peace of mind. Plus, it’s tiny – and cute things are calming.

Most of all, however, this organic therapy oil does the trick with its blend of fresh, woodsy and warming scents. Apple, bitter herbs, fresh grass, chamomile and rose add up to one seriously peace-inducing therapy blend. One little roll over the wrist and – poof! – It’s as though you never received that last scathing e-mail from your boss about needing to work this Saturday!

Since all-natural beauty Tata Harper whips up batches of her gorgeous organic products with her husband and children on their picturesque Vermont farm, it’s difficult to imagine what could’ve inspired her to create this blend. A Vermont farm seems the least likely of places for irritation to appear! Nonetheless, we suppose irritation can rear it’s ugly head at even the loveliest and most peaceful of organic farms.

Wherever this less-than-desirable emotion catches you, we have just two pieces of advice:

ONE, keep this adorable little green rollerball close at hand and

TWO, smile and take a deep breath.

Aromatherapy or no, a deep breath will always provide you with a moment for the honey-badger in you to pass and if that doesn’t work, the smile will keep anyone from knowing the wiser.


In desperate need of this Treatment yourself? It is your lucky day! Tata Harper is offering one lucky reader the opportunity to try the Aromatic Irritability Treatment (retail: $65.00) for themselves. Enter by sharing your best self-calming advice below and we’ll select the winner!


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