Yogi Life: Kathryn Budig of Aim True and YogaGlo

We caught up with fresh-faced yogi, Kathryn Budig, whose fun, yet challenging practice is a favorite with yoga lovers everywhere.  Whether you’ve seen Kathryn on the cover of Yoga Journal, have read her in Women’s Health magazine (she’s their official yoga expert) or been stretched to new heights in one of her classes via YogaGlo, Kathryn’s infectious love for yoga and for life is inspiring.  Here we share how Kathryn caught the yoga bug and a few of the things she’s been up to since!

TCM: You are one of yoga’s most young and famous faces. How did you first encounter and fall in love with yoga?

KB: “Back in my musical theatre college days, a girlfriend introduced me to ashtanga yoga. It became the highlight of my week and by the time I graduated, I decided I wanted to learn how to teach yoga to make money in between auditions. I moved to LA and quickly realized I loved yoga way more than acting and that was the beginning of my ‘accidental’ career.”

TCM: Tell us about your focus in your practice. You like to encourage students to overcome fears in life. Can you tell us more about that?

KB: “I find that we have two very distinct choices we can make in life: love or fear. It applies to everything we do—relationships, work, yoga and even eating. I try to help people realize love is the best choice to make in any situation and that fear is only as big as we allow it to be. We are all powerful and beyond capable and I hope to wake that side up in people.”

TCM: Yoga retreats are all the rage right now and you’re invited to be a part of quite a few. Do you have a favorite event or retreat that you’ve been a part of?

KB: “So many! I absolutely loved my retreat to Queenstown, NZ. It’s the most epically beautiful place I’ve ever seen. We practiced yoga twice a day, we ate amazing food, drank delicious pinot noir and went skydiving, bungee jumping, zip lining, jet boating and the list goes on! I also adore my annual retreat at Four Seasons Maui. It is absolutely divine and we plan it during humpback whale season so you can kayak and paddle board with them. It’s thrilling and majestic.”

TCM: Favorite pose?

KB: “Crow Pose. It’s the gateway pose to realizing how powerful you are. Plus, it’s super cute.”

TCM: Favorite yogawear?

KB: “That’s tricky as there are so many. Elisabetta Rogiani, Beyond Yoga and Sweaty Betty to name a few!”

TCM: Favorite yogi?

KB: “Seane Corn. She’s my mentor, friend and big sister.”

TCM: Favorite studio?

KB: “Yogaglo.com in Santa Monica. The classes are free and you can take online from anywhere in the world!”

TCM: Favorite yoga session of all time?

KB: “So many moments come to mind. Some of my best memories are from my Ashtanga practice at Yogaworks in Santa Monica when my teacher Maty Ezraty was still teaching.”

TCM: Tell us a trend in yoga that you love seeing?

KB: “Neon colors! I love seeing so much fun and color in the classroom!”

TCM: What do you think is the biggest misconception about yoga?

KB: “That you need to be flexible, chant or live a separate life. Yoga is for everyone and can be whatever you need it to be.”

TCM: Personal mantra?

KB: “Aim True. When I make my aim true, I always hit my mark.”

TCM: Most important thing to remember about your practice?

KB: “Every day is different and that whatever happens on the mat is exactly what you need that day. No pushing, just show up and do your best.”

TCM: Most helpful yoga tip?

KB: “Keep practicing and exploring until you find a teacher/style that you adore. It’s out there and it will keep you inspired to show up.”

TCM: Class you’d love to take/yoga destination you’d love to visit?

KB: “Bora Bora looks pretty magical but I’ve always wanted to go to Istanbul. As far as teachers go, I’ve never practiced with Dharma Mittra and look forward to that.”

TCM: Tell us about the Big Book of Yoga.

KB: “Women’s Health and Men’s Health magazine have a branded book called, The Big Book of ___. I’ve written The Big Book of Yoga for them (I’m also their contributing yoga expert) and it comes out on October 30th. It’s a monster, colorful book which has a little bit of everything – history, your yoga questions answered, if it makes you fit, nutrition and recipes, postures and sequences ranging from yoga for a hangover to insomnia to sex!

I hired six of my closest friends in the yoga world to model and it’s going to be a visual treat as well as a fantastic guide. I’m very excited to share my ‘baby’ with the world!”

TCM: Tell us about your organization Poses for Paws.

KB: “I co-founded this project in 2008 with the hopes of using yoga as a way to help animals in need. We pick a shelter or organization once a year that we admire and all of our proceeds go to aid them. We raise money through yoga events and products such as my Hot Pink Half-Toe Sox and my Aim True mala from Tiny Devotions. I’ve also encouraged yogis around the world to hold their own Poses for Paws events which we help sponsor. We’re currently working with the Beagle Freedom Project which helps recover and rebuild beagles who have been used in laboratory testing.”

Find out more about Kathryn at her site here.

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