Wash Your Face with Charcoal

Naughty girls everywhere know that, come Christmas, they can expect just one thing in their stockings: coal. But, if it’s been a not-so-nice year, all may not be lost: Konjac makes a charcoal beauty product that might just turn your year around.

We’re always game for fascinating beauty products from Japan. And the cleansers from Konjac Sponge Co. are right up our alley. Konjac is actually not a sponge at all, but an Asian potato varietal used as a native medicine for over 1500 years. Sustainably grown, harvested and biodegradable, Konjac is definitely leading us down the right track. The question is, are these little guys worth the beauty bet? Not only are we talking about washing our faces with a potato, but one soaked in charcoal! An unlikely sink-side companion, to be sure.

Here’s the scoop on charcoal: carbon and other minerals are found in this sooty black stuff and skin benefits abound. The active carbon and mineral combination helps to absorb excess oil and dirt, getting skin squeaky clean – perfect for overactive or teenaged skin. Combine the charcoal action with the gentle exfoliation of the Konjac sponge and you’ve got one all-star cleanser for troubled skin.

The most fascinating thing about the Konjac sponge is that it is both product and applicator. The spongy material dries nicely in a soap dish and can be used over and again without any other cleansing gels or creams required. Once dry, it’s light as a feather, making it the perfect beauty travel buddy. Keep it in mind for cold-weather-busting resort travel or as a gift for that globe-trotting bestie who travels light!

We’re skeptical of anything that smells like a gimmick, delighted by anything with genius design…and have carefully landed on the conclusion that this is an adorably strange beauty wonder that’s here to stay.

What do you say: would you or wouldn’t you wash your face with coal?

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