Would You Or Wouldn’t You: IKEA’s Cardboard Camera

Word on the street says IKEA is dropping this adorable little digital camera into markets world-wide soon.  We love it’s simple, athletic design and while, yes, we all own cameras, phones with cameras, laptops with cameras and otherwise, we’re a sucker for this lo-fi design reminiscent of the good old cardboard disposable cameras.  Equipped with a USB port, batteries and little else, the new PS is being dubbed the world’s most affordable camera.

We can’t wait to watch what will inevitably become a global competition for the most creative use of this latest mini-gadget.  Just what will world travelers, flash mobs  and brides-to-be come up with?   Like the affordably-designed laptops produced a few years back, will they soon be used to equip school villages in third world nations or will they simply become the hottest new party favor?  In this over-exposed age, we all know the power of a camera lens.  How will this cheap and tiny design impact our visual culture, or will it at all?   Will you be buying the IKEA PS?

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