Green And Gorgeous Travel Beauty Finds

Sisters Misha and Erin Anderson own the award-winning beauty apothecary and salon Woodley & Bunny in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. When Erin Anderson and her team of stylists aren’t man-handling tresses for the covers of ELLE and Vogue, they’re offering fashion-forward styling in their salon, including their Full Rahua Treatment with an all-natural blow out and mini-massage. On the flipside, Misha Anderson curates the beauty apothecary full of hard-to-find beauty treasures like DS & Durga fragrances, TwinLuxe skin care and RMS Beauty. Natural beauty-product junkies across LA were thrilled earlier this year when Woodley + Bunny opened their latest apothecary on Melrose in West Hollywood. Although not every product on their shelves is completely natural, a great many of them are. These sisters focus on stocking the shop with a well-edited array of brands that aim to stir a sense of exploration, discovery and delight – an  so many of the best natural beauty brands do  just that.

Misha literally travels the world on her hunt for the latest and greatest in natural hair, skincare, cosmetics and fragrances. We were able to pin her down between two cross-Atlantic excursions just long enough to find out about a few of her most recent and favorite finds.


    This little known line from New Zealand changed my way of thinking about "natural/organic" shampoos and conditioners.   Inspired by the idea that you can indeed have it all without the nastys… the multi-tasking hair and body products are luxurious, heavenly scented and PURE. 

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    A very well edited collection with perfect color ranges that compliment everyone.  The compacts are incredibly chic and the product itself is made with high quality organic ingredients. 

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    Amazingly scented hand poured candles that I found from Australia.  These candles burn well, scent a large space and are made from only recycled board packaging and sustainably-farmed, food-grade soy wax poured into glass tumblers that originated as 10oz collectible drinking glasses. 

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  • Readers, what beauty finds are you making in your travels? From Japanese traditions to Swiss secrets - we want to know! Leave us your comments below...

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