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When it comes to digestive issues, are you the “suffer in silence” type? Turns out you’re not alone.

An estimated 100 million women struggle with gut health issues, yet most of us don’t talk about it. Often, we simply accept that occasional stomach discomfort is a “normal” part of being a woman that we must quietly endure throughout our lives.

Stigma around digestive issues in women — whether actual, perceived or internalized — can keep many of us from attaining the tools we need to deal with our health positively.

Let’s normalize the conversation around gut health.

Let’s empower more women to make digestive wellness a priority — who cares if we’re fit, well-nourished and have glowing skin if our gut is uncomfortable and totally out of sorts. Both digestive and vaginal health are wellness lifestyle issues too crucial for women to ignore.women's probiotic at home with womanrenew life offer code

Why Self-Care Without Balanced Digestion?

A daily probiotic is certainly a less exciting purchase than a clean skincare product and a less obvious self-care habit than a good bubble bath. But, as some of us know all too well, once our digestion is off, we’re just not having that much fun.

Having all the trappings of self-care without a digestive health routine is kind of like splurging on makeup, but not skincare — the former is a fun cover up, but the latter creates a lasting effect that’s far more worth it in the end.

You Guessed It: It’s All About A Good Probiotic

Probiotics are the only way to add good, new bacterial species to the microbiome and boost your body’s overall wellness.

We learned from Renew Life, a company founded by a woman for women, that a woman’s gut and vagina are home to two very different microbiomes — but the right probiotic can support your digestive and immune health, as well as promote vaginal and urinary health.

Renew Life makes Women’s Care Probiotic 90 Billion, the number one women’s probiotic in the U.S. Again, created specifically for women by women, this high-CFU formula contains 12 probiotic strains (including the #1 most studied strain, L. rhamnosus GG) that help promote a healthy digestive system, along with balanced vaginal pH and yeast levels, and urinary and immune health.*

The Microbiome: Women Vs. Men

Women’s bodies are complex, and our microbiomes—the delicately balanced ecosystems of microorganisms within our bodies that help maintain our health by supporting nutrient absorption and immune function—are vastly different from men’s (and more susceptible to a host of issues).

Each part of your body has its own microbiome—from your skin to your gut and, in women, your vagina. Our microbiomes are powerful, complex and essential to maintaining our health, producing vitamins, breaking down food to extract nutrients, and supporting our immune systems.

Renew Life Women’s Care Probiotic includes 12 probiotic strains that promote everyday digestive, immune, and urinary health, including two strains shown to help promote vaginal pH and yeast balance specifically.

women's probiotic in hand

Digestive care is critical self-care. We know how important microbiome balance and gut health is in the context of overall wellness—and how much of an impact your digestive comfort is when it comes to showing up as your best self. One of the easiest, most effective ways to proactively care for your digestive system is by taking a daily probiotic supplement tailored to your body’s needs.

Just the Facts Ma’am

There are a lot of probiotic products available these days. Here are a few keys that made us consider partnering with Renew Life specifically:

+ The probiotic potency and quality are third-party verified.
+ DNA verification of strain ID are provided for the majority of their products.
+ Their claims are backed with reliable scientific evidence and clinically studied strain amounts.
+ The brand maintains a Scientific Advisory Board and Women’s Wellness Council

Women’s Care Probiotic 90 Billion is the thing if you’re female and looking for a daily probiotic that can support your unique microbiome everyday.

We also chose to work with Renew Life because of their wide range of other wellness solutions that, when taken together, promote the total balance your body’s needs: super critical omega 3 oil, plant-based digestive enzymes, prebiotic fiber and a smart range of detoxification and cleanse products.

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