The natural wine movement is finally making its way into the mainstream and we love exploring the complex and unique flavors that are characteristic of natty vino. In the same way that we work hard to shop, cook and eat consciously, we’re looking to elevate our wine consumption too. Wine subscription service, Winc, gets it — and they’ve just released an (adorable) new bottle of natural wine that emphasizes sustainable practices, organic grapes and a playful look we can’t get enough of.

The best natural bottles are made with traditional, low-tech methods and without the weird additives many conventional winemakers use to make their wines picture-perfect. Natural winemakers embrace the idea that when a wine is not overly manipulated, it becomes an expression of the land — and the producers — from which it came. Over-extraction is carefully avoided to maintain the integrity of the wine and give way to a truly delicious final product.

While some natural wines are certainly an acquired taste, Winc’s Cherries & Rainbows is a biodynamic French red blend that’s as easy to drink as it sounds. Most importantly, it’s produced at an eco-friendly winery in small batches that reflect the best of current winemaking trends. Here’s what you need to know…

The wine | Winc’s new Cherries & Rainbows is made from grapes that are farmed organically and biodynamically, grown at zero altitude overlooking the Mediterranean bay near Narbonne in Minervois. Harvested at phenolic ripeness and fermented with no added yeast and made with zero sulfur (a controversial additive in winemaking), the grapes are aged in small concrete tanks. Each variety is vinified separately and then blended towards the end of the winemaking process. This blend is 50% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 20% Mourvedre.

tasting notes | Dark fruit: plum, dark cherry, boysenberry, blackberry, violet, fresh earth, sage, forest floor, menthol, tomato leaf, eucalyptus, black licorice.

Pairing Suggestions | BBQ, cured meats, cheese platters, seasonal salad, chocolate cake.

Whether you’re deep into the natural wine scene or just starting to explore it, Cherries & Rainbows is a deliciously approachable way to enjoy the fruits of better wine production practices. Snag a bottle here — Chalkboard readers will automatically get $22 off the first order from Winc!

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