Win This: A Goodebox Holiday Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

we’ve wrangled up our own editorial team’s wish lists, we’ve asked top tastemakers for their tree-bound trinkets and we’ve scoured our stories for the best of the year. After all the boxes have been wrapped and tucked underneath the tree, what else is there? Why, stocking stuffers, of course! We’re swooning over all things mini, so we were ecstatic when our friends at member’s only delivery service Goodebox stepped up to the plate to help us along. Ten lucky readers will win an entire Goodebox filled with the finest, most fun all-natural products of the season – everything from tiny sweet treats to antioxidant-packed skincare. Best of all, each trial-sized item is guaranteed to be eco-friendly, ensuring you’ll have your greenest holiday season ever. Here’s what you need to know…

Goodebox Holiday Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

What It Is:

Goodebox’s all-natural holiday box, featuring a slew of miniature sized samplings of best-loved brands such as Lotus Wei, Deep Steep, Shea Radiance, Hip E Chick, Sweet Riot and more!

How To Enter:

“Like” both the Goodebox and Chalkboard Facebook pages, then leave a comment below to seal the deal. 

What You Need To Know:

Ten lucky readers will win a box of goodies we hope they’ll arrive just in time to stuff the Christmas stockings…unless you don’t use them all for holiday party primping first! Giveaway ends Monday, December 16th at 5pm PST. Good luck!

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  1. Liked!

    Alie | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  2. Done and done! I’ve been trying to make the switch to natural beauty products and would love to try these sweet goodies! Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Done and done!!

    Kelsey | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  4. Beautiful products, love them all!

    Kerri | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  5. Liked both on FB 🙂 Would love to try these new products!

    Lindsay | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  6. Well I already like The Chalkboard Mag on facebook because you’re my absolute fav website and I just liked Goodebox…I would be oh so grateful if I won 🙂 thank you!! Happy Friday!

    Mackenzi | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  7. Oh no! I don’t have Facebook 🙁 Chalkboardmag is one of my morning commute reads and I’d love to try these lovely all natural products! Merry Christmas!

    Christina | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  8. Would love to win!!

    Paula H. | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  9. Keeping my fingers crossed to win the goodies! Thanks for the chance. Happy Holidays!

    Candi | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  10. Liked both! I would love to win this lovely holiday box! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

    Lisa B. | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  11. Oooh Awesome! I really want to try Lotus Wei.

    Caroline | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  12. I have never tried a Goodebox but the program sounds very interesting and I like the brands they carry. Thank you for the chance to win one of these prizes. Happy Holidays and good luck to all. Also, shared this contest on my facebook page, kleimanlaw, twitter page, @DianeLori and pinterest, dlori27

    Dlori | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  13. Liked both on facebook! Thanks!

    Kristin G | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  14. Liked both Facebook pages! Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

    Julie P. | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  15. Done! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

    Holly E | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  16. Liked both!! Thanks for the chance to win!

    Misty A. | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  17. I received a sample of the Shea Radiance cream and it’s one of the best things I’ve put on my face! I would love to win the other products too!

    Mariah S. | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  18. Fingers crossed! Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway! 🙂

    Aditi Giasotta | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  19. Would love love to win and try these products! 🙂

    Glenda Holowatch | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  20. Already like both of ya! Pick me! Pick me!

    Jenny | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  21. Done! I love Goodebox but I didn’t know about the Chalkboard Mag, so glad I know now!

    Ginny | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  22. Liked and Liked! Who doesn’t love an amazing giveaway! Thank you!

    Lynne | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  23. Liked both. Fun giveaway – I love trial sizes. Happy Holidays!

    Kate R | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  24. Like both Goodebox and The chalkboard Mag on Facebook!

    Leslie W | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  25. I like both the Goodebox and Chalkboard Facebook pages. Such good articles!

    Leah B | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  26. Fun giveaway! Happy holidays!

    Beautay | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  27. All liked! 😀

    Mystry | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  28. Already a tremendous fan of Chalkboard Mag….liked Goodebox as well… Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

    Steph | 12.13.2013 | Reply
  29. Liked & liked. Fingers crossed. I have been steadily switching to ask natural products and buying full sized versions and not liking them is tough. This is a perfect chance to try some before you buy! Merry Christmas!

    Amber | 12.14.2013 | Reply
  30. Love, love, love the Lotus Wei products!

    Sarah | 12.14.2013 | Reply
  31. I have been wanting to try goodebox for a while now – what a sweet giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity, chalkboard mag!

    Bethany | 12.14.2013 | Reply
  32. Would love to win these awesome products!!

    Stacey | 12.14.2013 | Reply
  33. Done and Done!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  34. Been hearing about this subscription lately. Sounds great!

    Heather | 12.14.2013 | Reply
  35. these look fantastic!

    brittany | 12.14.2013 | Reply
  36. oooh i love this!!

    kelsey | 12.14.2013 | Reply
  37. Yay. Liked for sure. Happy Christmas xoxox

    Ellie Grace | 12.14.2013 | Reply
  38. I just discoverd this website and I am absolute loving it. I never heard of all this brands and I would love to make the switch to natural beauty products. I liked both facebookpages and hope to try out all this new brands soon, that would be an awesome christmas gift for my body. Happy Christmas xx

    Kelly H. | 12.14.2013 | Reply
  39. I am trying to be healthier in every area of my life and have recently started using organic skincare. I would be so honored to win this giveaway!

    Claire | 12.14.2013 | Reply
  40. liked!

    Nicole | 12.15.2013 | Reply
  41. thank you for the possible chance to win!

  42. I liked both on facebook. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Emily S. | 12.15.2013 | Reply
  43. Fantastic giveaway! Keep up the great work – it’s much appreciated!

    J. Robichaud | 12.15.2013 | Reply
  44. I have bean yearning to try Lotus Wei’s products, but a college student’s budget doesn’t allow for it. I would be so grateful to win this! Always willing to try new beautiful natural products!

    Rose | 12.15.2013 | Reply
  45. Already liked one page and liked (and added to interest lists) the other. I love this site so much! Great tips and articles. Thanks for the giveaways!

    Sandi | 12.15.2013 | Reply
  46. LIKED! thanks so much! would love to win these stocking stuffers!

    ashley | 12.15.2013 | Reply
  47. amazing products, would love to win these x

    Kate | 12.16.2013 | Reply
  48. like & like!1 merry christmas! thank you for the giveaways. just found your site from a friend & love it already!

    Kathryn Kelly | 12.16.2013 | Reply
  49. This box sure would help to ensure that my holidays are all aglow! xo

    Nicole Moore | 12.16.2013 | Reply
  50. I would love to try their products! Both sites liked!

    Jennifer | 12.16.2013 | Reply
  51. Done! Also purchased my first subscription to goodbox — buh bye birchbox!

    Katherine Bail | 12.16.2013 | Reply
  52. Done! Also purchased my first subscription to goodebox today — buh bye birchbox!

    Katherine Bail | 12.16.2013 | Reply
  53. what a lovely idea, with lovely products. thank you!!

    anne | 12.16.2013 | Reply
  54. I don’t normally receive gifts on Christmas due to my family’s income so winning amazing products like these would mean the world to me. I love the chalkboard mag & have been a fan for a couple of years now. I’ve learned so many health tips from you guys! Thank you so much for everything that you do!

    Jessica | 12.16.2013 | Reply
  55. woohoooo!

    Christine F. Mitchell | 12.16.2013 | Reply
  56. The products look amazing!

    Aling | 12.16.2013 | Reply

    The Chalkboard | 12.17.2013 | Reply

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