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Climbing into fresh white sheets at night has to be one of the cleanest feelings ever, but did you know that the cotton used for most sheets is conventionally grown and processed – and that conventional cotton is considered the dirtiest  crop grown in the world?

The Whole Health Organization has classified eight of the ten pesticides used on conventional cotton as moderately to highly hazardous. These pesticides affect our soil and wildlife through runoff water; they affect our skin and home environments through direct contact (there are a tumult of studies currently in progress studying the effect of direct contact with pesticide and chemical dye treated textiles on consumers over time); and, perhaps of most concern, these chemicals affect the health of the farmers raising the crops.

If you’re interested in a deep dive, the documentary “The True Cost” explores health and environmental concerns related to the fashion and textile industries. One storyline in the film follows a Texas cotton farmer and her battle with cancer. Her perspective on the potential connection between local cancer rates and the pesticides used throughout her industry gave us major food for thought.

The good news is that more and more high-quality brands are supplying organic and chemical-free bedding. Whether you’re looking for great design, a good price, or both, all of the brands below will help you avoid cuddling up in chemicals, while keeping your budget and style on point…


Organic Bedding

Under the Canopy  Organic Cotton Percale Queen Sheet Set | $60 
Under the Canopy makes some of the most affordable organic cotton sheets around. They also carry, count ’em, six certifications including Fair Trade and Oeko-Tex. 

Organic Bedding

Parachute Home  Percale Queen Sheet Set | $129
Parachute’s bedding comes in cotton percale. Stock up on classic basics in a wide range of colors – all certified by Oeko-Tex.

Organic Bedding

Morrow Soft Goods  French Linen Classic Sheet Set  | $278
Morrow’s 100% French flax linen sheets will last you decades. Did you know that linen was that strong? Morrow claims their sheets last twice as long as the average sheet set and help us avoid conventional cotton.

Organic Bedding

Parachute Home Full Linen Queen Duvet Set | $399
You may not have realized that cool girl home brand, Parachute Home is also Oeko Tex certified. Oeko Tex goes a step beyond organic to ensure that no harmful chemicals are used in the entire textile manufacturing chain. This linen duvet set in pink, grey or tan makes a wonderful alternative to the classic white bed. 

Organic Bedding

Morrow Soft Goods Accent Pillow Case Set  | $59
Also from Morrow, we couldn’t exclude these marigold pillowcases for the ultimate touch of French vintage chic. 

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  1. When we found out we were pregnant we went all organic (food, underwear, products)and then I thought about our bed wow we spend so much time there so we bought an organic mattress with all the trimmings from cozy pure organic bedding (female owned, made in America and they make them fresh, great company!!!) tell them i sent you . love chalkboard it always keeps me glowing

    Mairead Doria | 08.15.2017 | Reply
  2. Shocked this list doesn’t contain Boll & Branch. Marvelous bedding, all organic and fair trade.
    Do your research, OKEO-TEX has zero to do with the growing of cotton which is the most toxic part of the process. You must find GOTS. This is misleading.

    Tamara Hotson | 08.16.2017 | Reply
  3. Congratulations Mairead! Sounds like your doing well, not saying who I am, but it’s been a while. Think of you often

    B Jones | 08.29.2017 | Reply

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