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Whitney Port is all grown up. The mama, entrepreneur, and natural beauty lover has evolved in major ways since The Hills originally aired. With The Hills reboot coming our way this summer we’re catching up with our former Guest Editor to talk about the realities of reality TV and all things beauty — from her favorite clean products to everyone’s biggest beauty challenge: shooting in HD.

We love how real Whitney is when it comes to conscious beauty, making time for self-care in spite of a rapid-fire daily schedule, and supporting companies that value sustainability. One of Whitney’s latest projects is a partnership with Seed Phytonutrients, an eco-friendly natural hair, skin and body care line packaged with 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Seed is currently supporting 5 Gyres, a non-profit whose mission is to empower action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution.

Read through our recent one-on-one convo with Whitney and gather some seriously useful busy-mom beauty tips, along with the skin treatment she swears by and why she won’t have a glam team on The Hills rebooot…

The Chalkboard Mag: What is your go-to natural beauty routine for the days that you’re on set filming?

Whitney Port: My beauty routine doesn’t really change. Whether I’m filming or whether I’m just out and about running errands or have work, it’s really the same. For my hair, I’m using the Seed Phytonutrients moisturizing shampoo and conditioner which is great just because I do have colored hair, and I have to style it a lot so it adds that extra moisture that I need. They also have a leave-in conditioner and a volume spray that are amazing to help to prep my hair for any hot tool.

In terms of my skin, I have kind of a lengthy process. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% natural just because for me it’s kind of hard to just be all that way, but I make an effort to use clean products as often as I can. There are certain products that I’ve found throughout the years that really work for my skin. I use a Comfort Zone cleanser. They’re an Italian brand, and I believe they’re on the more natural side, and it just smells amazing — I use that daily in a silicone cleansing pad. Then, I put on an Image Skincare vitamin C serum. After, I put on a moisturizer, the Honor MD H(ope)2O hyaluronic serum, and a Cosmedix CC cream that has 50 SPF in the light shade. At night time, I’ll put on Benev’s pure squalane.

TCM: What are your go-to makeup products?

WP: I use a Bare Minerals matte powder as foundation, and then I use an Hourglass primer-concealer for my eyelids and under eyes. I got this new blush, the RMS lip to cheek tint, which is absolutely amazing. For just a natural look I’ll just curl my lashes and apply some brow gel to my eyebrows. I usually won’t put on any mascara during the day, but if I’m filming then I use a Bobby Brown mascara. On my lips, just Lucas Papaw lip moisturizer.

TCM: What’s your biggest beauty challenge while being shot for HD television?

WP: I don’t want my make up to be caked while we’re filming because the camera picks up every little thing, all the fine little pores and wrinkles. For me, less is more. I think the fresher I look, the better. I stick to my tinted Cosmedix CC cream, and then some of the Bare Minerals powder over it. That’s enough coverage for me.

TCM: It’s been a long time since the original The Hills aired. Have you noticed anything about beauty that’s changed notably since then?

WP: I think that for reality TV, a lot of people have professionals doing their make up, and they are wearing tons of makeup. When we used to film, we never did that — we always were in charge of doing our own hair and makeup. Glam teams have become more of a norm these days but I really try to stay away from that because I don’t think that’s realistic. That’s not what I’m doing on a daily basis (although I do like a little help with styling my hair).

TCM: Many of the cast members are now moms, including you, of course. How has that influenced your beauty habits?

WP: Gosh, it really hasn’t — I know a lot of people say you have less time to do your whole routine, which is true for the first six months when your routine kind of goes out the window, but I find that now more than ever, I need my routine. I am so much more tired and getting so much older but my steps and my process have only increased, honestly. It’s okay to allow yourself the time to do that. Even if you need to just ask your husband or your partner for a little bit of help while you’re getting ready or you have your bedtime routine. It’s a really nice self-care practice just to allow yourself the time to take care of yourself, and I think that that, in the end, makes you a more whole person. We need to put ourselves first sometimes in order to be the best version of ourselves for our families.

TCM: Do you have any hair care or styling tips for busy moms specifically?

WP: Haircare is very important to me. I think a good one is taking a shower at night and braiding your hair, and sleeping with a loose braid. Undo it in the morning and you’ll have pretty soft beachiness. If you don’t want to do anything to your hair, flat iron the roots and ends only; it is a really good way to make it look like undone but tossed in a really pretty way.

TCM: What is your signature beauty look for day and night?

WP: In terms of my hair and makeup, I kind of do the same thing every day. Sometimes for nighttime, I’ll put a little bit more shimmer on my eye. I love these little Stila sparkle wands that look really pretty on, or the Glossier sparkly cream shadows that are really easy for you to just do yourself. Or I’ll throw on a lip color, which is an easy thing to just punch something up. Generally, I’m not the kind of person that’s gonna totally switch it up because then I just don’t feel myself.

TCM: Do you have any favorite products that you use before a big event or shoot to really look your best?

WP: I do this thing called dermablading. I have a facialist in Calabasas that does it, or there’s someone at Dr. Nazarian’s office that does it. Basically, it kind of shaves your face, taking off all the peach fuzz and dead skin cells. They’ll follow up with a hydrafacial to add moisture back into the skin because they’re peeling so much off. The process exfoliates and gives you this amazing glow. My skin feels so much cleaner after and is a better canvas for makeup.

TCM: Is there a product that changed your skin — that really made a huge change in the way that you glow?

WP: Pure squalane oil is amazing. It’s really healing and moisturizing. Even if your little kid has a little scab or something, it’s so natural and safe to put on. I also love anything with hyaluronic acid. It’s super moisturizing and provides an instant glow.

TCM: What are some of your favorite products for the shower lately?

WP: Definitely my Seed Phytonutrients shampoo and conditioner, and the body wash which is amazing. It smells so good. I also have a Nazarian Skincare scrub that I use every couple days. It’s an exfoliating scrub for my face that is definitely is a good pick-me-up.

TCM: What are some of your favorite products in your daily make-up bag? 

WP: I use an Urban Decay liner in my water lines which defines my eyes really well. I also have the Anastasia brow pencil that’s angled and that fills in my eyebrows; it’s a perfect color for girls with blonde hair and light coloring like me.

TCM: When you’re shopping for beauty products, how do you interpret the labels?

WP: If it’s natural or organic, then I’m more apt to purchase it. The truth is I don’t know what everything means on the label. I like to research brands that are organic and natural and try to find the items I need within those brands. Going to places like The Detox Market ensures you’re gonna get products that are clean and trustworthy.

TCM:What are some of your beauty values?

WP: Since being pregnant I have become more conscious about what I put on my body and how my products are packaged. I don’t want to be continually adding to the pollution and the grossness of our world. People would be stunned to know how much of what we recycle actually doesn’t get recycled. It’s important to support companies that think about eco-friendly packaging, and how that contributes to our collective waste.

There are companies like one I just discovered today called Blueland. They make sustainable cleaning products that are just these little tablets that go into reusable bottles. You keep the bottles and just reorder the little tablets that dissolve in water. That way you’re not constantly throwing out a Windex bottle or a bleach bottle.

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