what to wear to famers market
Dressing for the farmers market is not officially a thing. But if, like us, you’ve ever found yourself in a sea of sunlit farm produce and felt suddenly out of place in some urban, all black ensem, this story is for you.
Yes, it is extra to plan fashion for the farmers market. But whether you’re hitting up the local farm stand on a Sunday morning or lingering at a market on an idyllic vacation, these items are guaranteed to make you feel ten times more blissful while swiping up armloads of blood oranges and bouquets of basil…
Lack of Color Frayed Straw Hat | Sun protection. Check. Timeless accessorizing. Check. The only thing better looking than you in this hat this summer are those trays of berry baskets two stalls down. CHECK OUT
Rachel Pally Linen Kimmie Top | The puffy sleeve trend is the adult woman’s way of achieving that Disney Princess feeling while still looking demure. This soft linen top from LA-based Rachel Pally was made for Sunday mornings outdoors. CHECK OUT
Clare V. Fanny Pack | This straw belt bag was made for marketing. Don’t forget to pack along cash for vendors who are cash only and keep it close in style with this adorable piece from LA favorite, Clare V.  CHECK OUT
Vitamin A Marina Jumpsuit | There’s not much sweeter than this pinstripe jumpsuit for that unbuttoned, summery feeling. Wear it to the market and right on through lunch with friends. CHECK OUT
Rachel Pally Linen Katy Dress | Another perfect summer item from Rachel Pally, we adore the flattering cut of this sundress. Bonus feature for the farmers market? Pockets. CHECK OUT
Nisolo Tailia Braided Belt | This pale leather braided belt can rein in a voluminous maxi dress or harness a good pair of vintage cutoffs. The belt is produced ethically and sustainably and will add a touch of polish to summer denim. CHECK OUT
Olli Ella Rattan Rolling Market Cart | Naturally, to do the market right, you’re going to need a basket. Even better, this rolling market cart can save your back and keep you happily shopping without avoiding watermelon and squash that you wouldn’t normally want to carry. CHECK OUT
reusable Produce Bags | Don’t forget your produce bags? Stock up on a good stash of woven produce bags, keep them stashed in the trunk and tote them along to the market. You’ll avoid plastic bags this way and pre-sort all your produce as you go. We find these individual bags make eyeballing the amount of produce you need much easier! CHECK OUT
Ulla Johnson Belen Slides | TCM Readers have been swiping up pairs of these slides from the Summer Shop and we can’t blame them. Rock them around the market for maximum comfort and slip them off hands free once you arrive home with your haul. CHECK OUT
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