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Even if you’ve been living on the moon — or maybe especially then — you’ve heard all about last week’s historical total solar eclipse. The transformative astro-event came and went faster than it took to drink our morning tonic, but the energy it brought along is lingering hard. Are you feeling it too?

We asked astrological guru, Nicola Behrman, to talk us through the intimate, energetic shifts we’re sensing following the Great American Eclipse, and what to do next…

As many of you know, there was a huge build up to Monday’s eclipse; a sense of expectation for some, a sense of anticipation and excitement for many, and also a little bit of fear. Some people felt the deliciousness of being complete, but for others the notion of completion brought up a lot of stuff. Some felt they hadn’t yet found completion, others felt they weren’t ready to do so. As I mentioned in the piece here last week, our egos like comfort and we tend to like things to stay the same, because as far as the energetics go, we managed to stay alive through everything we have experienced so far, therefore, our egos tell us, so long as we don’t change anything, we’re gonna be safe as houses.

But as we actually know on a deeper level, change is pretty much the only constant and there is no true sense of safety that the ego can hold onto. With change comes profound opportunity, but it can also fill us with fear.

Energetically, things are shifting so deeply, energies are quite literally working with our physical and spiritual beings; resistance to the shifts is actually more painful than allowing ourselves to flow with them.Be gentle with yourself and know that you are truly doing this perfectly for your own timing and your own Journey. We feel many different things at different moments. The important part is that we allow ourselves to feel them.

What are these shifts + what did the Eclipse do?

One of the most important things for us to receive from this eclipse is the understanding that it wasn’t a one-day wonder of an event. It was the opening of an energetic portal and the energetic landscape within which we all live is continuing to shift and change. Some of you may have felt the energy flowing in in real time on Monday. I witnessed it first hand, and as many others are reporting, it was significantly more beautiful than many of us anticipated. It’s lovely to see and read about similar energetic experiences from people you don’t know because it clarifies and confirms our own experiences. For me, and for many others, there was an energetic feeling of shift just before the peak of the eclipse, a sense of nausea came through, and then a very profound lightness. Like many others, I started to cry when I saw the moon and the sun coming together – tears of deep joy. And again, not something that I expected at all, but something that felt incredibly celebratory.

And I could tangibly feel for myself and those in my group at the time, that there was an actual energy flowing into our heart space — close your eyes and you actually might be able to tune into it right now. It starts at the middle of our chests and radiates upward to our throats. There is a literal heat and a warmth, a golden nectar — similar to those funny old commercials for cough syrups that would literally show the golden nectar working on your throat and your upper chest. Allow that sensation to flow through now, for that is was is actually happening.

What is this sensation in my heart space?

(What’s the warmth I’m tuning into?)

Space is being made in your hearts and in your throat. And this is precisely why, for many, there has been an accompanying sense of grief or exhaustion these past few days. On Monday, we tasted the elation of this energy in real time – it was literally love and light flowing in from the ethers. Not as metaphor, but as tangible reality.

Many in the US came together and awoke from a walking slumber. People spoke to strangers, communed with strangers and felt a sense of togetherness. For me personally, being on the fields at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, having people quietly find their way to join our group, seeing them lay down on the grass without a word and receiving and receiving and receiving was one of the most beautiful moments I have witnessed in ceremony in a long time. It was potent and powerful and without a need for words. Everyone was welcome. And everyone continues to be welcome.

That’s great, but what Is
 this sensation in my throat + my heart?

Yes, back to the nectar streaming into our throats and our hearts — it might feel very gentle and celebratory. It’s a deeper sense of embodiment and awakening that is happening in your energetic cells. It might feel light and it also might feel a little overwhelming. If there is a sense of grief or lethargy in the aftermath, know that the energy is working you. Know that any places in which you “suffered” in silence are now coming up for review. Any places in which you were not able to receive love in the form that it was offered is now up for review. Any places in which you didn’t speak your truth – to others or to yourself – is now up for review. It’s not always comfortable. In fact, it’s usually profoundly uncomfortable. But you signed up for a life of tangible beauty and magic, and there is a process of unpicking that happens on the Journey to Sublime Self.

What should I do now?

Allow this journey to continue — your soul is very much onboard with it. And just be super gentle with yourself these next few weeks. Mercury is in retrograde, which isn’t just about technology; it’s about reviewing the past and bringing resolution to the present. This is all happening at the same time. For a very beautiful and serendipitous reason — because you are ready to step forward more truthfully, more authentically and more powerfully.

You may find yourself thinking “I have more support and more information right now – it feels exciting and true, but also a little daunting and scary”.

Yes, it’s a lot. But it’s all for your benefit. Please feel free to join our 7Om Alchemy group for next week’s private transmission and if you have a question, this would be a beautiful time to ask it.

Congratulations, guys. This is truly an incredible time to be alive. Allow the energies to continue to flow in and watch – just watch – as the magic and the miracles unfold around you.

How are you feeling post-eclipse?
Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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