A face tattoo by any other name would be a seriously bad idea. But we’ve seen the results of microblading up close and personal and we have to admit, it looks pretty great.

Perfectly crafted eyebrows are the one feature that makes our faces look noticeably more balanced, even when we’re not wearing any other makeup. The idea of having them perfectly full and ready to rock without touching a single product is just plain thrilling. But is a semi-permanent solution worth it?

We thought the conversation about microblading would be a perfect fit for our Would You or Wouldn’t You series where we explore odd wellness topics and fringe habits. Learn all about microblading with this article from Our Body Book, then tell us what you think…

We’re digging deep on the hottest trend to elevate your brows. Enter, Microblading—a process similar to permanent makeup, that promises natural-looking, fuller, sexy brows in a flash. Color us intrigued! We have a feeling it’s soon to be a cult favorite (not to mention a hit with brides and post-baby hair loss suffers).

But First, What Is Microblading?

According to Wikipedia, Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that partially or fully camouflages missing brow hair with simulated hair composed of pigment deposits, similar to a tattoo.

The Procedure

The Microblading technique involves gently pricking the skin with a 7-14 hand-held prong blade (similar to a pen) to fill in the brows with natural-looking, strokes of color. The process typically begins by customizing your eyebrow color and drawing in your desired shape to suit your bone structure. After your desired shape has been outlined with a surgical pen, a numbing cream is applied and allowed to set for 20 minutes. Next, your brow building begins using the needling (tattooing) technique by the dipping the microblade pen in your desired pigment and creating natural brush strokes across your brows.Your appointment ends with a soaking technique to set your color.

Touch-up appointments are usually customary, two to four weeks after you initial appointment to adjust and set your new color.

The Benefits

Microblading allows a trained professional to draw individual, natural crisp hair strokes that are customized to suit your face shape, brow shape and coloring.

Microblading differs from earlier forms of brow tattooing because the needles are extremely fine in diameter and advancements in cosmetic tattooing now allow for a more natural, relaxed appearance (versus the harsh and scary brows of years ago).

Minimal to no discomfort is often reported, with the procedure averaging at about $300-600. Results typically last for 2-5 years.

As with any permanent or semi-permanent procedure, be sure to seek consultations with only trained technicians who specialize in this technique.

As we mentioned, we’re intrigued and may give this procedure a try. What about you? If you you’re thinking about getting microblading or have already gone through the procedure, please sound off below.

Learn more about microblading with this A-Z guide here.

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