‘Change Your Brain, Change Your Life’. The title of Dr. Daniel Amen’s first book will tell you everything you need to know about wellness devotees’ obsession with brain health lately.

Over the past few decades, Dr. Amen, a psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist whose brain scans have changed the way we think about mental health, has written a good handful of influential titles on the topic. His latest book, Memory Rescuedives into the simple and sustainable preventative measures we can take to keep our brains healthy, happy and strong.

We asked Dr. Daniel Amen to share his daily diet with us and, yes, there are blueberries and fish oil involved, but we promised there are insights here that just might change the way you live…

What I Eat In A Day: Brain Specialist Dr. Daniel Amen

Morning beverage: Pumpkin spice cappuccino — unsweetened almond milk with half-caff coffee, with pumpkin spice and Sweet Leaf chocolate stevia. I make this for my wife every morning. It is how I say I love her daily.

My thoughts on coffee in a nutshell: A little is okay, a lot can be trouble. Try to limit to 100mg a day, as it increases stress hormones, is addictive and constricts blood flow to the brain.

Breakfast is normally: Over-easy eggs with spinach and a cup of blueberries; or protein shake with Omni Protein Chocolate Powder, a cup of berries and a handful of spinach or kale.

In my supplement regimen: Multiple vitamin, high-quality fish oil, vitamin D, curcumins, magnesium, probiotic, ginkgo/vinpocetine, huperzine A.

Foods I go out of my way to eat daily: six to eight servings of vegetables and fruit.

Lunch is normally: A large salad with protein – such as scallops, salmon or chicken – with olive oil and vinegar dressing.

Energy / afternoon snack: I created ‘Brain on Joy’ bars for my snack – sugar-free chocolate and coconut. Nuts and apple, if not near the bars.

Go to tip for eating out: Ask questions, go for vegetables and proteins, sauce always on the side. Tell them no bread or alcohol before meals. Ask if they have fresh berries for dessert.

4 most brain-healthy daily habits: I always ask myself as I plan meals, “Is this good for my brain or bad for it?” If I love myself, I choose well.
Fast 12 hours a day from seven to seven.
Have protein and fat in small amounts at each meal to balance blood sugar.
Limit all simple carbohydrates.

Dinner is most often… Tonight was cauliflower mashed potatoes, grilled rosemary chicken, and butternut squash, pomegranate, apple salad. (Yum.)

Sleep snack or trick: An apple or orange, or dark sugar-free chocolate.

Current mantra: Doing the right thing is about love for myself and others.

Become a master of your own brain health with these pro tips.

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