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When it comes to a season of gift-giving there are two ways to approach sustainability; one is to simply buy less and two is to buy better.

Through the fall, we showed you how to make your lifestyle more sustainable at home. Now, as we enter the holiday season, we’re carrying through some of that thinking with incredible wellness gift ideas in mind that will last the test of time.

The Shop is filled with gift ideas we’re happy to be gifting as well as to be adding to our own wish lists. Looking for more? All the brands in our Cyber Monday roundup are great for gifting as well, long after the deals are over. Here are some of my favorite gift ideas from this season’s The Shop curation:

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker | Nothing changes your home environment (and the mood of everyone in it) more quickly than music. Whether you’re looking to amp up an at-home workout, focus while meditating, or relax everyone gathered for an at-home meal, infuse your favorite music into any space with this high-quality bluetooth speaker.

Bennd Turmeric-Dyed Ayurvedic Yoga Mat | Why aren’t all yoga mats made this way? I was floored by these beautiful naturally-dyed yoga mats made from the coziest woven materials. Why down dog on a plastic or even rubber mat, when a flow class could look this good? Explore all the beautiful subtle tones in the brand new mat collection.

Personal Bamboo Cutlery Set | Looking for a simple gift? These roll-ups contain everything needed to replace plastic forks and straws for the student or friend who is often eating out casually. They spark interest and are surprisingly satisfying to use.

Wildling Gua Sha Set | Whether you still need a set yourself or are looking for the perfect gift for the green beauty devotee, this gua sha stone with accompanying skincare products will transform the way you care for your skin.

There are so many other great ideas in The Shop this month from a thoughtful Our Place kitchenware set to a simple gold ear cuff from J. Hannah that’s sure to delight the woman of any age in your life. Enjoy the curation, let us know what you end up loving, and stay tuned this month as we share clever ideas for a low-waste holiday, natural recipes and mindful insights on planning for the new year.

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