So, you’re welcome…we’re sharing this over-the-top cute video of three adorable brothers explaining the ins-and-outs of true happiness for us adults. Top notes to take-away: adults are most happy when they are with their children, and if everyone is happy – well, “that’s probably that happiest in life.” Kudos to these guys for the advice to “do what you want to do” if you need to get happy. And for listing mac-n-cheese, reading and loving as a few of those things that just never fail.

This video is inspired by Darling Magazine’s article “Bursting At The Seams” inside Issue No. 11.

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  1. I can totally get behind the reading and mac ‘n’ cheese! I’m heading out to babysit my 4 year old nephew this afternoon, and he always reminds me that it’s okay to let loose and be a bit crazy sometimes!

    Heather P. | 05.08.2015 | Reply
  2. My heart, it’s melted. I agree with Heather P. I can totally get behind reading and mac & cheese. How adorable. 🙂

    Jordanna— The House of Muses | 05.08.2015 | Reply

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