Waking Up With Ryan: 5 Ways To Supercharge Your Morning

You’ve heard about “waking up on the right side of the bed”…bow about waking up on the right side of the clock? Five minutes of your time might not seem like a lot, but according to life coach and Kundalini teacher Ryan Weiss, it’s enough to shift your entire day for the better.

Waking Up With Ryan is the go-to positive morning shift for anyone looking to supercharge their day. Through short, sweet, emails sent out every morning, Ryan helps you focus on making small changes to your morning routine, which in turn help turn around the way you view your day, your life, and yourself. His online coaching takes the practice one step further, giving you daily how-to videos of exercises that take – surprise – less than five minutes to conquer. Whether you’re a busybody on the go (even celebs like Taye Diggs are in on it!) or just looking to spice things up first thing in the A.M, Waking Up With Ryan is the friendliest wake-up call we’ve ever come across.

Ryan filled us in on his own favorite Five-For-Five: five 5-minute practices to supercharge your morning, then gave us a peek into his own A.M. routine (spoiler: it involves a coffee-less tonic concoction and a lot of thank-yous). Here’s Ryan with five ways to make every morning a “good morning”…

The first five minutes of every day determine how much success and happiness will follow for the rest of the day. Here are my Five For Five:

1. Take a freezing cold shower
Yes, it sucks, but it works. Cold showers not only force me to wake up, they relieve stress and depression, enhance the immune system and prove that I can do anything.

2. Gratitude
I wake up saying “thank you” for giving me a new day to explore and follow up with five things/people/events I am grateful for. Gratitude is the open door to more and connects me to my emotional intelligence. Without it, I’m lost in the danger of my thoughts.

3. ask these questions
I ask these questions knowing the answers will show up during the day. I find starting with questions (as opposed to answers) reminds me that I really know nothing and opens me to a day of enrichment. I ask the questions from A Course In Miracles: Where would You have me go? What would You have me do? What would You have me say? And to whom?

4. Ego Eradicator and Addiction Meditations
These Kundalini yoga meditations are a shot of espresso for your heart. Each incorporates breath, mantra and physical movement to break free from our patterned, comfortable thinking into innovative, creative, expansive thinking. I teach these during my week-long video series with PopExpert.

5. Hydrate
Drink tons of water and my morning tonic (tea base, Chinese herbs, coconut oil and ghee).

Waking up with Ryan…

My alarm is set for…

6 a.m. (unless I have East Coast clients and then it’s as early as 4 a.m.).

First thing I do when I wake up is …

Say thank you.

I can’t start my morning without…

A cold shower (miserable, but so invigorating), snuggles with my dog.

Breakfast is normally…

A morning tonic (tea, Chinese herbs, ghee and coconut oil) – it’s my savior from my coffee addiction. My colonic lady said “You’re doing something right!”

Favorite morning beverage is…

Other than my tonic, I probably down 40 ounces of water within an hour of waking up.

My morning is filled with…

Whatever the F I want – it’s my time to do nothing or meditate or workout or go for a walk or call my mom. I love my morning time.

Daily uniform…

Zanerobe Jeans and a BLK black tee – maybe a backwards leather hat and Toms suede Chukkah boots.

I’m usually listening to…

“It Is Well” by Kristiene Dimarco and lots of mantra music and Beyonce.

I start working by…

No later than 8:30 a.m.

I get my creative juices flowing by…

As soon as I get out of bed – often I’m most creative right when I wake up and take notes to come back to later. My brain hasn’t started kicking into “practical” limited thinking.

My favorite morning distraction is…

Playtime with Henry, my 7-year-old furry dog child. We play “put your face” – Henry army crawls across the shag carpet and buries his face into my hands. I scoot back and we repeat. I love him.

When I’m feeling tired, I get energized by…

Sometime it’s a bulletproof coffee – better when it’s a song, a dance, some breath of fire or an invigorating conversation with a friend.

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  2. I usually shower at night but in the mornings when I need an extra jolt, I splash cold water on my face several times. The first splash sucks but by the end it feels so good.

    Adrea | 04.10.2015 | Reply
  3. Can you provide the recipe for your morning tonic? Thanks!

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