Baby Ruby, first thing in the morning!

We all have our own unique morning routine. Whether you hit snooze a few too many times, drink a giant glass of water, whip up a homemade breakfast or just chug a cup or three of coffee, everyone has his or her own special ritual for starting the day off right. In the case of today’s first “Waking Up With,” subject Joy Cho, it’s all about baby Ruby, enjoying her Silver Lake ‘hood, and keeping up with her super-successful and highly-addictive  blog, Oh Joy! From managing her many professional projects, choosing her go-to outfit, and balancing motherhood and married life, the lovely Joy gets it all done—before the clock strikes noon!

The Chalkboard Mag: What does your day look like at 7:00 a.m.? Do you have any morning rituals?
Oh Joy: “I wake up at 7:00 a.m., wake up my baby Ruby (if she’s not already awake) and get our day started by feeding her and having morning playtime. She is so happy and smiley in the morning; it gets my day off to a great start!”

TCM: What’s your favorite morning beverage?
OJ: “As a nursing mom, I’m super thirsty all the time, and have been loving Pressed Juicery’s Strawberry Apple Lime juice. Or, if I can sneak out, I’ll get a Hong Kong Milk Tea from my favorite coffee shop in Los Angeles, LaMill. It’s just down the street from me.”

TCM: What does your day look like at 8:00 a.m.?
OJ: “Our nanny arrives and I grab a bite to eat from the kitchen (cereal, pineapple yogurt, or an egg, prosciutto and avocado sandwich, depending on how hungry I am) and then I head to my computer to check email and start work for the day.”

TCM: What is your go-to outfit?
OJ: “While at home, I stay comfy and usually wear a striped StyleMint T-shirt and some yoga pants. But if I’m stepping out for coffee or a breakfast meeting, I’ll usually wear a pair of brightly colored, slim-legged pants or jeans, a T-shirt, flats, and my favorite Kate Spade cropped jacket.”

TCM: What’s your favorite bag to carry around all your daily staples?
OJ: “Since I rotate between a diaper bag and my regular handbag (depending on whether Ruby is with me), I’ve been using this zip pouch by Herringbone to hold all of my essentials, and then I can just place it in whichever bag I need for that particular excursion.”

TCM: As a new mom, how do you make time in your schedule just for you?
OJ: “I love Fridays, because I have breakfast every Friday with three of my closest friends here in L.A. It’s a fun end-of-week treat and a chance for us to catch up. But I also love Saturdays, because my husband gets to wake up and spend the morning with us. Sometimes after Ruby’s morning feeding, he’ll take her for playtime so I can sleep in a couple more hours. A new mom’s guilty pleasure!”


TCM: Where’s your favorite breakfast eatery?
OJ: “Proof Bakery in Atwater Village makes amazing croissants, scones and other morning baked treats. It’s small and quaint and perfect for when you don’t have a ton of time for breakfast but want something quick and good.”

TCM: What does your day look like at 10:00 a.m.?
OJ: “I have childcare in the mornings during the week, so by 10:00 a.m. I’m working to wrap up any work that must be done for the day before my nanny heads out at noon. Often, there’s a phone call with one of my Rx (my online consultation company) clients, where I advise small creative businesses on how to start a product line, how to become a freelancer, or how to have a successful blog. I also have various design projects I’m working on, so maybe I’m finishing up a draft of a logo or textile designs for a client or products for my own line. And I’m also making sure I have blog content ready for the rest of the week, which includes shooting photos, editing text, creating layouts and prepping posts.”

TCM: Can you tell us about any new, exciting projects you’re working on?
OJ: “I’ve partnered with a baby clothing company in Brooklyn to work on a few limited-edition Oh Joy baby pieces for the spring.”

TCM: Since you work from home, do you have any useful tips for decorating an office?
OJ: “Your office or studio has to be a space you love working in. For me, my space always has to be sunny, white and filled with my favorite artwork. I’ve also plastered the walls with rose gold polka dots for an instant pick-me-up!”

TCM: What’s your favorite item in your office?
OJ: “I love the wall above my computer. I have a rotating set of prints that I hang there for a new doses of inspiration.”

TCM: What does your day look like at noon?
OJ: “At noon, our nanny heads out, and I spend the rest of my day in Mom mode. Ruby is usually napping, so I make lunch and do a few quick things around the house before she wakes up. Once she’s up, she has lunch, we play, and then I’ll take her for a walk around the Silver Lake reservoir so that she can get some fresh air and so that I can get in a workout. Sometimes, we’ll go to one of my favorite local cafes so I can sneak in a snack or a late lunch during that time, too.

TCM: What’s your favorite “thank you” gift to send?
OJ: “Food treats! I’ll usually peruse Gilt Taste for a “thank you” gift for my freelancers or a client. Or, if they have a Pinterest account, I’ll spy on that to see what they’ve been coveting!”

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