It’s no secret that we’ve always viewed The Chalkboard as a place to learn and teach – whether it’s about how to healthily stock your fridge, how to ease into or out of a juice cleanse or learn about the latest fitness craze, we love sharing with our community of health and style. So, we thought our readers might enjoy learning about a great way to support one of our favorite charities, The Garden School Foundation. Founded in 2003, GSF is dedicated to providing an interdisciplinary program of education through garden-based learning in outdoor living classrooms. Turning asphalt into ecosystems, GSF teaches standards-based lessons and cooking classes in the garden classroom and provide educators the tools they need to make school gardens thrive. The 24th Street Garden Classroom is the prototype that GSF will create all over the nation and we need your help to raise the funds to help make the GSF Garden Classroom a national success TODAY! The lovely folks over at GOOD have created an amazing content to help support organizations doing good works and in the next 24 hours they will decide who will get the grand prize of $100K. If you love kids, education, health-based learning, gardening and empowering underserved communities and families to thrive, then you will love GSF and we’d love your help in raising this very necessary funds to make our city-wide vision a reality!

Here’s how:

Please head over to Good’s MyLA2050 and vote here for the Asphalt Apples: Spouting Healthy Kids And Gardens. It’s super simple and if you log in with Facebook you don’t even have to register! GSF really can win $100K to help make edible garden classrooms a reality for every kid in Los Angeles and all over the country – and your vote will make a HUGE difference — THANK YOU for your help!

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