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Meet Violette_Fr, the French makeup artist with a cult following — and now, her own makeup line. Taking off where the French film stars of the ’60’s left off, women like Violette are part of a fresh troupe of French women reviving American women’s obsession with all things Parisian. Something about their break with contouring, diet culture and fast fashion has many of us inspired.

We asked Violette to talk to us about her take on the holidays, including the return of actual parties. Champagne, oysters, cashmere and an indulgent take on body image this season? This is exactly what we hoped the French beauty would serve up…

Name: Violette of VIOLETTE_FR

Favorite thing about the holiday season: Since I had my daughter, I have loved to create magic around this time of the year for her. This season carries a special kind of magic and I love being at home with my husband and my daughter. It’s cozy time under a soft blanket with good wine and a good movie.violette fr skincare

fashion essentials during the holidays: A cashmere set. This year I am obsessed with this one in blue from Tory Burch.

Makeup MVP for holiday parties? Our VIOLETTE_FR Petal Bouche lipstick, Shiseido concealer, Terracotta from Guerlain, and always a bit of glitter!

Healthy holiday tip: Have fun! Diet culture is not healthy. Enjoy life and release any pressure you are putting on yourself to be better, look better, feel better etc. You are PERFECT.

Signature holiday party look: Glitter always — on my eyes or lips.

Depends on the mood, but I often like to keep the skin natural, focusing on one statement. For example, I will apply a bit of Shiseido concealer, a pink blush from Jouer, and our Baume Shine Universal Highlighter as the base. From there I will color my lashline with a black pencil from Guerlain, add a touch of Terracotta that’s also from Guerlain to warm up my complexion, and add on our Yeux Paint liquid eyeshadow and eyeliner in Ciel de Nuit on my eyelids (close to the lashline).

As a final step, I will add a bit of blue glitter on top of it and layer on some black mascara to seal the look. I’ll always have my perfume Avec Amour close by as well.

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with… Jeans, a cashmere top and a blazer. Topped off with a beautiful perfume.

Go-to celebratory drink: I am not a champagne person, but somehow during the holiday season, I love a good vintage champagne. There’s just something about it.

Food you most look forward to: Oysters!

Coziest tradition? No tradition really, unless you count eating lots of delicious food in our cozy home.

Favorite warm winter drink: Mariage Freres teas in general, I especially love Lapsang Souchong tea.

Gift I’m giving this year: I am building my daughter a dollhouse by myself, which I am so excited about.

Gift I’ve given many times: Heal Your Wounds & Find Your True Self by Lise Bourbeau. It really helped me and so many of my friends.

Gift I’m wanting for myself: A matcha set, a scarf and gloves and a puffy coat for the cold weather.

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