Katie Nehra is a woman of many talents. She’s the star of new film Alex of Venice, the designer behind Simone Collection and also knows a good brunch when she sees one – see below. We love that Nehra’s latest project is all about that Venice life. There’s no place on Earth quite like the hippie-tastic corner of L.A right on the beach. The film seems to capture some of the charm along with some of the weirdness. Spot on.

We asked Katie to let us know a few key Venice metrics: what is the go-to uniform these days, what’s the best spot for drinks, and what necessities should be taken to the beach. Enjoy the preview of the film above, then join Katie for a peek into her stylish, sometimes very strange, beachside hometown…

Fave Venice shop

Heist. They have the best stuff! Anything you buy from there you will wear all the time!

Best Brunch:

Salt Air. It’s so yummy; the monkey bread is my fave dessert.

Venice Beach tip:

Bring a blanket and some sake!

The Venice uniform is...

Girls love hats there! No matter the weather, time or day. A hat and some sort of floral chiffon vibe. Hats on hats on hats.

Date night:

Salt Air! And then the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck on Abbot Kinney.

Most likely to be overheard in Venice:

“I’ll KALE you!”

Strangest thing you've ever seen in venice:

Someone leaves their Fruity Pebbles and a bowl on the trash cans behind my boyfriend’s apartment – for their morning breakfast! Good choice.

Must have hippie-tastic Venice accessory:

Good boots that go with cut-off jean shorts.

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