Tucked away in the neighborhood of our very first Pressed Juicery location, there is the sweetest new pop-up turned perma-shop by actress and designer, Ele Keats. We dropped in for a visit with Ele to learn more about sustainable diamonds, the healing capacity of crystals, and to experience the amazingly peaceful vibe of this little hotspot we’d heard so much about. Ele’s designs are sweet and light as air, yet full of meaning. We loved learning about the purpose of each gorgeous raw crystal throughout the space (and picking up a few for our offices), plus doing a little mental bookmarking for the holidays. Whether you’re in the market for the giant, raw emerald necklace that Ele is famous for – thanks to friends like Elizabeth Berkley who rock the rock around town – or for her delicate sets of gold heart and moon studs, shopping at this tiny Brentwood shop is an experience unto itself. Here’s Ele…

The Chalkboard Mag: Let’s talk crystals! What’s the difference between gems and crystals really?

Ele Keats: Crystals are gems in their natural form. Basically gemstones are cut and polished crystals. Both have meaning and are able to both absorb and convey energy, depending on the stone.

TCM: Your shop is such a special environment. Tell us about the space and why it feels so good in there!

EK: Thank you. The space itself is like a little jewel box and we bring our love and positivity to it every single day. We also play healing and forgiveness prayers continually in the store so it’s a spiritually infused environment. There’s a lot of intention that goes into every detail of the store that helps create the magical atmosphere that you feel when you enter the space. Including the crystals throughout the store.

TCM: Your jewelry designs are very clean and uncluttered. What informs your aesthetic?

EK: Beautifully put. Thank you for noticing the clean and uncluttered nature of my work. The beauty and simplicity of them comes from removing obstacles and allowing the true nature of oneself to shine through. Many of my designs come through inspiration. I often find myself running for a pencil during yoga class to sketch an idea that is inspired. Often times during meditation the creation flows to me with ease and grace. That divine spark is the space where it all comes from.

TCM: Tell us about the upcycled diamonds you focus on with your designs…

EK: We have collaborated with Avilan Diamonds to create the first ever 100% recycled and ethically sourced engagement collection. Avilan’s Storied Diamonds are the only 3rd-party-certified responsibly sourced diamonds in the world. What this means is that all of these diamonds are upcycled from the existing world inventory (so none of them are newly mined), making them the most environmentally and socially conscious choice for diamonds. All of the gold is 100% recycled in this collection as well. We are truly excited about offering pieces that symbolize not only love for a beloved, but love for the earth as well.

TCM: What other materials do you work with that are important to you?

Ek: I’m personally involved with picking each gemstone and it’s important to me that I feel confident that the dealers I work with are ethically minded and kind-hearted. I also use 18-karat gold in most of my designs. Gold is very healing and beneficial for health.

TCM: How did the pop-up-turned-permanent shop come about? We love the location!

Ek: Thank you for asking! I fell in love with my clients here in the Brentwood community and wanted to stay here permanently. Brentwood is very special place and its inhabitants are what make it so. It feels like a warm little village. In other words, it feels like home.

TCM: Your favorite pieces:

Ek: The truth is that I love them all because they truly come from my heart, but if I had to choose I would say the Divinity Necklaces, the entire Storied Diamond Collection, and The Naked Drop Necklace.

TCM: Favorite crystals:

Ek: Apothelite, rose quartz, amazonite and celestite, with the last two being electromagnetic force (EMF) protection stones.

TCM: Crystals for beginners: Any insights, tips or recommended purchases?

Ek: Start with rose quartz. It’s a very gentle and sweet stone, and you’ll feel it right away.

TCM: Recommended reading on the topic:

Ek: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall covers everything A to Z.

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