Jetting off to Paris or Costa Rica might sound nice, but, truth be told, some of our favorite hotels are right here in the U.S.of A. Tablet Hotels is sharing ten properties they’re predicting big things for this year, from The Ludlow in New York to Sparrows Lodge in Palm Springs just a short drive from L.A. It’s the perfect time for a little stay-cation, if we don’t say so ourselves…

It’s a bit early to pick our top hotels of 2015, and it’s a bit late for a look back at 2014. But the time, it seems to us, is just right for a round-up of hotels from which we’re expecting great things in the coming year. Here are ten of the most promising new hotels from within the borders of the United States. Road trip, anyone?


CHICAGO, IL — Fans of Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America have no doubt caught themselves wondering, over the years, why Virgin Hotels isn’t a thing yet. Well, as of January 15 it is, and if all goes well their flagship Chicago hotel, with its transparent pricing and innovative room design, will usher in some much-needed changes to the hospitality status quo…

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NEW YORK, NY — New York’s Lower East Side has long been a mecca for downtown nightlife, but until the advent of the Ludlow, it lacked a proper high-end luxury boutique hotel. The rooms are extraordinary, the garden bar is buzzing, and Dirty French, the bistro, is already something of a bold-faced Big Deal…

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LOS ANGELES, CA — The dream of photographers Glen Luchford and Doug Bruce was to restore a bit of authentically low-key bohemianism to LA’s too-polished environs, and in the Rose Hotel, their delightfully unpretentious Venice Beach lodging, you’d have to say they succeeded. For luxury, look elsewhere — this place is all about the character…

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MIAMI, FL — Like Los Angeles, Miami Beach is a town that could stand to dial down the high gloss. Casa Claridge is a luxe Thirties throwback, swanky and romantic yet mercifully free of the catwalk atmosphere and the velvet-rope nightclub scene that make it so difficult for mere mortals to relax in so many other Miami hotels…

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PROVIDENCE, RI — There’s a bit of an urban renaissance happening in Providence, and the Dean Hotel is in on the ground floor. Fun and funky, with a tinge of elegant modernism, it’s purpose-built to cater to the booming creative class. Craft cocktails, a beer hall, a karaoke bar — if we hurry we might just make the next train…

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NEW YORK, NY — It’s a bit early to say that Queens is the new Brooklyn, but there’s no doubt that great things are happening in Long Island City. The Paper Factory offers industrial-chic in a neighborhood where industry still exists, plus a truly excellent restaurant and, compared with its Manhattan counterparts, plenty of space, glorious space…

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COMFORT, TX — We can’t say we’ve yet had the occasion to visit the town of Comfort, Texas, but a hotel like Camp Comfort might be all the reason we need. It’s a vintage bowling alley converted into an impossibly charming (and very civilized) rustic-chic boutique hotel. Our next Austin trip might have to include a jaunt to the Hill Country…

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NASHVILLE, TN — We’ve been saying for years that Nashville is hipper and more sophisticated than you think it is, but the 404 Hotel makes the point better than we can. Subway-tile bathrooms, French pastries for breakfast, and a farm-to-table restaurant housed in a shipping container — this isn’t the Grand Ole Opry…

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PALM SPRINGS, CA — It’s luxurious, yes, but far from ostentatious. Recycled from the Fifties and refreshed for a style-conscious clientele, this woodsy hideaway is a dreamy hipster version of the summer camp of your childhood — complete with artisan cocktails and deep, luxurious bathtubs fashioned out of old horse troughs…

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MADISON, WI — It’s a sign of the times when even Madison, Wisconsin is getting in on the boutique-hotel game. This one makes the most of its lakeside location, and its generous handful of dining and drinking venues ensure you’ll get a strong dose of the Midwest’s much-vaunted friendliness. We assure you, it’s no myth…

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