ultimate Coachella Survival Guide 2019

Coachella is always a good time. It doesn’t matter if you’re camping our hunkering down in a cute mid-century rental. Spending days in the desert with good friends, good food and, of course, good music, will leave you feeling blissed out. Packing the right supplies can take your experience during — and the recovery period after — to the next level.

Indio valley will be filling with Coachella attendees the weekend of Apr 12 and again on the weekend of Apr 21. If you’re going to Coachella year, be sure to stash our picks for low waste lifestyle essentials and green beauty hacks to keep your glow game strong against the elements…

CBD EVERYTHING | We’ll be toting along all things CBD. For daily balance, we can’t get enough of Sagely’s turmeric-infused CBD capsules. For comforting tired festival legs we love the selection of CBD pain creams at online CBD retailer Standard Dose. To really get into an elevated state of balanced bliss, we’ll be tossing backdrops of Foria’s Basics tincture and nibbling on CBD-infused gluten-free gummies from Lord Jones.

Coachella Survival Guide wylde one brain buzzTRAVEL-FRIENDLY ADAPTOGENS | We love this blend of brain-boosting adaptogens to help us feel human after the long days and nights of festival life. For an immunity boost, we love these antioxidant and vitamin C-rich tablets from 8Greens.

GO LOW WASTE | Pack as many ways to reduce waste as you can — it might sound extra but the small effort makes a big difference, and can actually be cute. We’ll be packing a metal straw, this re-usable and oddly chic cutlery set, a bamboo toothbrush, and these innovative and sustainable mouthwash tablets.

BYOB | Bring your own bottle. Not only will it ensure that you don’t get dehydrated, but it will help reduce the amount of waste caused by hundreds of thousands of people buying plastic bottles on the grounds. There’s an art to finding the perfect festival bottle — glass is the most sustainable option, but who wants to carry around something that heavy and breakable? We love this find, which has a silicone band to help keep it unbroken. Our fave this season is this BPA-free bottle that can hold a ton of water and is totally non-toxic.

ENERGIZE WITH MATCHA | Our fave way to power up on the go are these individual servings of matcha from CAP Beauty. You can pour it into a bottle of water or a bottle of almond milk (Pressed Juicery will be on the festival grounds!) or swirl it into water with a spoonful of powdered coconut creamer.

Bring Your Beauty Tools | Just because you’re out in the desert doesn’t mean you have to look like it. We recommend stashing a small LED lit pocket mirror for quick touchups, a jade roller to calm those puffy AM eyes, and a cute comb or brush to tame your locks into submission.

Something Shiny | These pretty eyeshadows from Rituel De Fille can be applied with your finger, making it easy to swipe and go. Made with natural ingredients, these oil-based eyeshadows are as clean as they are pretty — and surprisingly long-lasting too.

Everything Oil | Your skin, your hair, your everything will be in need of hydration out in the desert. Keep it simple by having one product to help with all your hydration needs. We’re loving this oil lately, which absorbs quickly and smells divine.

Face Mist | Give your thirsty skin some quick relief with a hydrating, nutrient-rich facial mist. We’ll be toting along this one from Mad Hippie, mainly for the well-suited name but also because it’s great. Soothing, protective and reparative, you’ll save face by using it all weekend.

Eye Masks | Throw one of these ultra-hydrating eye masks onto your face when you first wake up. It will help brighten tired eyes and feel amazing in the desert heat. Got a cooler? Stash these there and enjoy the extra-refreshing burst of cool.

Coachella Survival Guide supergoop spfCLEAN SUN SCREEN | Nothing will kill the fun faster than a fiery desert sunburn. Keep a clean SPF on hand to apply before hitting the festival and throughout the day. We love this one for full-body coverage and this cutie for re-applying during the day.

Dry Shampoo |
This is the headliner of our survival kit lineup. Dry shampoo is a dream when you’re having too much fun to wash your hair. Grab a spray like this one or try a paste for extra targeted application.

AromaTherapy Stick | Waking up after a long night of frolicking around a festival can be tough — we’ll take all the help we can get. Keep a roller ball essential oil blend on hand. We love this one which features an energizing blend of grapefruit, rosemary and juniper. To bring on balanced vibes, we’re obsessed with this functional fragrance from the Nue Co which is scientifically designed to reduce stress. It’s smokey, sweet, earthy and generally compliments any body.

Coachella Survival Guide body vibes stickersGood Vibes | Cover yourself in Body Vibes stickers. These stickers have been charged to adjust the frequencies in our bodies to re-establish balance. Learn about the seriously high-vibe technology here.

Coachella Survival Guide veja sneakersSustainable Sneakers | Make sure to factor comfort into your festival wardrobe curation. These Veja sneakers make it cute — and comfortable — to bounce from show to show, or party to party. They’re made with sustainable practices so you get extra eco-points for putting them on. Not to mention, they’re one of Meghan Markle’s faves.

Stash Sanitizer | Festivals are dirty. Embrace it, but also keep a sanitizing spray on hand to use before you eat or whenever you just need a refresh. We love this sanitizer from Elyptol. The non-toxic formula uses eucalyptus oil and vegetable glycerin and is easy to spritz on the go.

Sleep Saviors | We don’t expect you to be getting a full night of deep sleep in a festival setting, but we encourage you to try! Whether it’s to have enough energy when bouncing around the grounds, or not be a total wreck in the week following, do what you can to get some rest. We love toting along a silk eye mask and earplugs (try these beeswax earplugs for a natural option).

Discover a few of our fave festival essentials from previous years here.


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