There’s nothing we love more on a summer afternoon than popping a cold bottle of our new jalapeno-spiked green juice…and pouring it into a shaker full of fresh herbs and artisanal “garden gin.” Garden gin? Yes. Art In The Age is making old-fashioned spirits spiked with the coolest organic flavor combinations we’ve seen in a while. After tasting their cocktails at a recent shin-dig, we knew we needed to get together!

High atop the Hollywood landscape inside Petit Ermitage‘s enchanting rooftop garden, we finally met up with Art In The Age ambassador, Rachel Mae Furman of Smoke & Honey, to see what kind of delicious mischief we could get into. The results of our all-natural mixology experimentations are the two cocktail recipes below, each featuring one of Pressed Juicery’s new summer flavors mixed with a fresh combination of citrus fruit, herbs, homemade syrups and Art In The Age’s outrageous spirits.

The first juice cocktail, Spiked Rhubarb Tea, is all about summer rhubarb, head-to-toe. To start, the juice is a blend of summery rhubarb, berries, pineapple and melon. The spirit, a ‘Rhubarb Tea,’ is steeped with carrots and beets, cardamom and – yes – more rhubarb. These two bottles could go it alone just fine, but we’ve added a splash of champagne and Rachel’s homemade pink peppercorn simple syrup to take this glass to the next-level.

We love Rachel’s watermelon juice ice cubes for this as well. To recreate at home, simple empty a bottle of Watermelon Mint into the ice tray of any shape or size and freeze the night before your gathering. The juice freezes up just fine and pops from the mold a bright neon pink – throw in fresh mint before freezing for even more of a special touch.

Our second cocktail makes perfect use of Pressed Juicery’s newest spicy Greens, a blend of kale, spinach and romaine with yuzu and jalapeno. Greens in a cocktail? Trust–this drink recipe is our new go-to. The sweet, mellow greens and kick of jalapeno are the perfect match for this sage and fennel instilled spirit. Hints of rosemary, thyme and even lavender, are why they call this spirit “garden gin.” Add the fresh herbs, serve each cocktail in a chilled coupe, and you’ve got dinner guests who won’t go home (if that’s what you’re after).

Enjoy both recipes at home and let us know how it goes. Tell us which Pressed Juicery flavors you’re using for cocktails at home (the simplest weekend recipe is Citrus 3 and sparkling wine!) For even more cocktail ideas, see our recent shake up with our favorite vegan L.A. bartender, snatch up Gracias Madre’s own margarita recipe, and take a deeper look at traditional bitters. Bottoms up!

Spiked Rhubarb Tea


1 oz vodka or gin
.5 oz Art in the Age Rhubarb liqueur
.75 oz fresh lime
.5 oz pink peppercorn simple syrup*
.5 oz Pressed Juicery Raspberry Rhubarb
2 basil leaves
top with brut champagne
Garnish: 3 raspberries skewered with basil leaves


Combine all ingredients except champagne and garnish in mason jar or cocktail shaker, including herbs. Shake with ice and strain in a highball or tumbler glass over ice, then top with champagne. Garnish with raspberries on bamboo skewer with small basil leaves in between.

*To make the pink peppercorn simple syrup, combine equal parts sugar/water in a pot, boil until dissolved, adding 10-15 pink peppercorns while it is heating. Let cool, strain out peppercorns.

Green Garden Gimlet


1.5 oz Art in the Age Sage
.5 oz fresh lime juice
.5 oz simple syrup
.5oz Pressed Juicery Greens Yuzu Jalapeno
rosemary sprig and sage leaves
rosemary salt


Combine all ingredients in mason jar or cocktail shaker, including herbs. Before adding sage, slap the leaves in the palm of your hand to help release aromatics. Shake with ice and strain in a coupe or martini glass. Sprinkle small dash of rosemary salt and a sage leaf on top.

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